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Peyton Manning Unearths Epic ‘Throwing Football at a Cab’ Video on David Letterman’s Big Day

Suresh Menon

Peyton Manning Unearths Epic 'Throwing Football at a Cab' Video on David Letterman's Big Day

Popular Comedian and veteran talk show host David Letterman turned 77 today. Letterman, who is set to come back to hosting his show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” on Netflix, was bombarded with wishes from around the world. One of the funniest and heartfelt wishes however came from NFL legend Peyton Manning. The QB and Letterman go way back with the duo having appeared on each other’s shows.

Manning, an Indiana Colts legend in his own right was given one of his earliest media appearance opportunities by David when he invited the QB to his show. Since then, Manning and the talk show host have been in touch regularly and even made public appearances together. However, Manning’s most memorable appearance on Letterman’s show came in 2014 when the QB and the host took on a unique challenge. Post the taping of the show, the duo went down to their studio, grabbed a pair of footballs, and challenged each other to throw the ball inside a moving taxi through one open window.

As expected, Manning aced the challenge in just two tries. David meanwhile failed miserably. This footage went viral due to the camaraderie and the uniqueness of it all. Hence on David’s 77th birthday today, Peyton posted the video with an even funnier caption like a best friend would do.

He wished the iconic talk show host a Happy Birthday and hilariously asked him to be grateful that he stuck to comedy and not anything else.

“Good thing you stuck with the comedy thing. Happy birthday, Dave.”


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Another iconic moment between the duo came in 2021 when Letterman and Manning reversed roles and became the guest and host respectively.

Throwback To When David Letterman’s Suggestions To Improve Football Left Peyton Manning In Splits

Back in 2021, David Letterman appeared on ‘Peyton’s Places’ an ESPN+ show hosted by the star QB himself. In that episode, the four-time Super Bowl winner joined David Letterman at Ball State, the latter’s alma mater for the shoot. Apart from the funny banter and rapport between the two, the real fun began when Indy-native Letterman began speaking his mind on how to improve and innovate American Football.

David’s first suggestion was to expand the field uprights above the normal height. Meanwhile, his second thought was even weirder as he wanted the field to be a quarter mile longer just to increase ticket sales. If not longer, David wanted the field to be elliptical or more like a golf course than a football field.

Yet, the most hilarious suggestion of all was David’s tip to punish pitch invaders. The talk show host proposed that any team who tackles a pitch invader or a drunk fan should get five points for tackling him. Besides, the best part? The team would also get the opportunity to finish the guy’s beer.

Amidst the three suggestions, this is the only one which found a semblance of agreement from Manning as he burst out laughing and said that it “has some merit.” Truly Hilarious! Never change, David, never change. Wishing you a very happy 77th Birthday!

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