Peyton Manning Uttered One Line & Budweiser earned $14 Million In a Jiffy After Super Bowl 50

Shubham Bhargav
|Published 20/10/2022

Veteran quarterback Peyton Manning’s one quote at Super Bowl 50 postgame interview allowed Budweiser to earn Millions without spending a dime.

Peyton Manning is undoubtedly one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. He broke innumerable records during his over a decade long stint with the Indianapolis Colts.

He guided the struggling Colts to the playoffs on 11 occasions and even won a Super Bowl title with them. In 2012, Manning went to the Denver Broncos and ended his NFL career in 2016 after winning another Super Bowl title.

On a consistent basis, Manning delivered astonishing numbers and led his team incredibly well. He is one of the highest earning quarterbacks in the history of the sport and along with his skills as a footballer, his fantastic business sense also played a major role in that.

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Peyton Manning Timed His Budweiser Shoutout Perfectly

Manning promoted several brands and earned heaps of cash in return. Moreover, his business investments also yielded fantastic results. His relationship with Papa John’s is globally renowned. However, there is another major brand which benefitted immensely because of Peyton.

Back in 2016, Manning took his team to the Super Bowl. The event is one of the biggest sporting extravaganza on the planet and apart from thousands in the stadium, millions watch the marquee event on television. This is why it costs a fortune for brands to advertise their products while the game is on.

Even a 30 second ad slot costs millions of dollars but it is definitely worth it. However, Budweiser didn’t spend a single cent and still got millions to talk about their product because of what Peyton said during the Super Bowl 50 post game interview.

After the game, Tracy Wolfson asked Peyton if that was the final game of his career to which the superstar QB had responded by saying, “I am going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight Tracy, I promise you that.”

He went on to mention Budweiser again during the press conference and as a result, the very next day, his name drops were valued at a massive $14 million.

Moreover, Budweiser’s marketing head also made it absolutely clear that the company didn’t pay Manning anything to talk about their product. However, as it turns out, Peyton did so as he owned a part of Budweiser distributor in Louisiana.

Peyton chose the best time to give Budweiser and of course himself, a massive boost.

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