Rich Eisen Brings Back One of The ‘Richest Moments’ From Sporting History Featuring Carl Lewis & NFL Fans Are Loving It

Aayush Shah
|Published 24/01/2023

While all eyes are on the Conference championship games that will take place this weekend, popular NFL sportscaster, Rich Eisen diverts his followers’ attention to an iconic moment from American sports. This moment, full of patriotism and comedy, dates back 30 years. Eisen took to his Twitter to share this moment on its 30th anniversary.

Rich Eisen worked with ESPN from 1996 to 2003, anchoring Sports Center. Post this, Eisen moved towards football with the NFL network. He covers pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows for the network. Along with this, Eisen also hosts his daily sports show. This moment he brings back to light is one of ESPN Sports Center’s top funny moments. Eisen shouted out to popular fellow sports broadcaster Charley Steiner as he shared this blast from the past.

Rich Eisen brings back some glory days

The Sports Center video brings back the glory days of one of the NBA’s pre-game rituals. As Carl Lewis took to singing the national anthem, his baritone has Charley Steiner gasping for breath. Carl Lewis really outdid himself that day with how off-tune and track he was on that day.

With this really underwhelming performance, he not only got the NBA players chuckling on the court, but he also had Steiner balling in the studio. Steiner was seen breaking into a burst of hysterical laughter as he tried his best to remain civil on live TV. 

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In a post-incident interview with Steiner, he revealed how he was all over the place at that moment and how he couldn’t contain his laughter. American Sports has had many such moments, but Steiner’s laughter meltdown definitely makes it to the top few hilarious moments in Sports Center history. Eisen’s Twitter thread got lots of interactions as he brought back this golden moment. Here are some of the best reactions.

This combination of Charley Steiner’s hilarious reaction and Carl Lewis’ terrific showing will definitely go down as an internet breaker for years. Eisen is for sure going to be celebrated for bringing this back to the world of American sports.

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