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Rob Gronkowski’s Weakness For “No. 69” Almost Forced Him to Un-Retire Once Again

Shubham Bhargav

Consumed by the Tom Brady Roast, Rob Gronkowski Can’t Stop Thinking About the Unfiltered Jibes

Rob Gronkowski is one of a kind. The man has redefined the Tight End position which is why, he is considered to be one of the greats of the game. After making a name for himself with the Patriots, Gronk had announced his retirement in 2019.

He had stated that he wasn’t having the kind of fun anymore which he always used to have while playing football in his early days. Moreover, he had even said yes to a stint with WWE.

Everything was set but then, Rob’s great friend Tom Brady stepped in and convinced the tight end to return to the league. As expected, Gronk joined the Buccaneers and defying all expectations, ended up winning another Super Bowl title.

Cut to 2022, Gronk announced his retirement from the sport one more time after the previous season ended. Even Brady called it quits a little after that.

However, Tom then un-retired in a matter of weeks and since then, speculations about when Gronk will un-retire for the second time have been spreading like wildfire.

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Rob Gronkowski was recently contacted by two NFL after his “I am Bored” Tweet

Recently, it was reported that Gronk and the Bucs had a chat about his comeback to the league around a month ago. Moreover, the star tight end also Tweeted that he was extremely bored after which, a couple of teams contacted him to join them.

To add more fuel to the fire, Gronk recently confessed that one of those two teams had almost convinced him to make a comeback by offering him Jersey No. 69.

I can tell you this—one of the teams that wanted me to come back sent me a picture of me in a uniform wearing No. 69, and told me that I could be No. 69. This was two days ago,” Gronkowski said during the Up & Adams Show.

If I come back, I could be No. 69 and check in as eligible every play, where the referee would have to go over the microphone and say, ’No. 69 is eligible’ every single play. That almost got me to go back to football,” the GOAT Tight End added.

While Gronk didn’t reveal which team that was, he made it clear that it certainly wasn’t the Bucs.

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