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Russell Wilson’s Tom Brady like approach costs him $1 million a year and Ciara Wilson fully supports him

Jayanth Gorantla
|Wed Aug 10 2022

Russell Wilson spent the first 10 years of his playing career in Seattle where he developed into a top quarterback. Now, he is on the Denver Broncos, looking to contend for another Super Bowl. 

Russell Wilson is one of the premier dual threat quarterbacks in the NFL. In addition to being quick on his feet, Wilson is one of the most accurate deep ball throwers in the league. This takes a huge physical toll on his body.

Wilson was drafted in the 2012 NFL draft in the 3rd round with the 75th pick. Slated to be a development project due to his height, Wilson surprised everyone. He quickly rose on the depth chart and beat Matt Flynn for the starting job.

This was a surprise as Flynn just received a contract from the Seahawks to be their guy at quarterback.

Wilson proved this decision to be correct by helping create one of the most feared dynasties in the league. Known as the Legion of Boom, the Seattle Seahawks secondary led the team to success by their defense.

Wilson won Super Bowl 48 over the Denver Broncos, ironically. It was a blowout from the beginning with the defense dominating the entire game.

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Russell Wilson is trying to extend his career before calling it quits just like Tom Brady

After spending 10 seasons with the team, Wilson finally got traded to the Broncos. The situation in Seattle was headed towards a rebuild and Wilson had no interest in staying for one.

This offseason, Wilson revealed that he spends $1 million dollars a year trying to maintain his athletic ability. Ciara is in total support of Wilson’s expenditure.

Wilson said he wanted to play until he is at least 45 years old. With one of his main strengths being scrambling in the pocket, it is hard to see Wilson playing another 12 seasons.

Of course, if he goes to 45, he’ll be reaching Tom Brady levels. Brady has been the standard for players looking to extend their career as he’s playing some of the best football of his career at 45 years old. Whether Russell Wilson makes it that far is another story, but his wife Ciara Wilson fully supports him.

Jimmy Kimmel asked her how she feels about how her husband spends his money, and she supportively answered. “No, I’m in it with him,” she explained.

However, if anyone can figure a way out to do it, it should be Wilson. Pouring north of $12 million dollars into his body should lengthen his career by a substantial amount. But for now, Wilson is just concentrated on winning another Super Bowl.

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