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“Jimmy Butler is an idiot”: Kevin Durant destroyed Heat guard’s ambitions to take Antonio Brown or Demaryius Thomas’ job

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Wed Aug 10 2022

Jimmy Butler had prospects of going to the NFL and felt like he could have made the team. However, Kevin Durant shut those claims down immediately.

The NBA and NFL are two vastly different leagues, and the skills required to play each sports are very different. Of course, there are some common themes.

You need to be athletic, strong, have great stamina and all that, but the differences are more nuanced. In the NBA you need to have long durations of athletic ability as play is continuous.

However, in the NFL you need to have high energy bursts, putting all your effort into 10-20 second time periods due to the start-stop nature of the game.

Still, many NFL stars think they could have made it to the NBA and vice-versa. There are many athletes who have played both sports too in high school. Jimmy Butler thought he could be one of those athletes that could have crossed over.

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Kevin Durant labeled Jimmy Butler an idiot for thinking he could taken Antonio Brown or Demaryius Thomas’ place

Jimmy Butler and Kevin Durant were teammates on Team USA in 2016, and the Heat star made an outrageous claim about his NFL prospects.

He felt like he be a starting receiver in the league, perhaps taking over someone’s job like Antonio Brown or Demaryius Thomas. Where did Butler get that thought from? No clue, but Kevin Durant put him in his place immediately.

“I really love the game of football, I think I’m really good at it,” Butler said. “I can probably take Demaryius Thomas’ spot, Antonio Brown’s spot.”

“I told them they’re lucky I’m playing in the Olympics or I would be getting a franchise tag with one of their organizations… I’m very serious and I think if you were to ask people that aren’t haters, which everybody on this team is, it’d be me because I’m fast and I have great hands. I can really catch.”

Durant had a simple roast for his teammate.

“He’s an idiot,” Durant bluntly said. “Jimmy’s an idiot. Where is Jimmy? Jimmy! Jimmy’s an idiot. You recording this? Keep recording. You (to Jimmy Butler) told him you could be a better receiver than Antonio Brown and Demaryius Thomas? You’re an idiot.”

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