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Steelers QB Update: Russell Wilson’s Starting Role Remains Questionable Courtesy of Justin Fields

Yagya Bhargava

Steelers QB Update: Russell Wilson’s Starting Role Remains Questionable Courtesy of Justin Fields

Russell Wilson became a steal for the Steelers when the club signed him on a one-year, league-minimum contract. With his pedigree and a Super Bowl ring with the Seahawks, Wilson was bound to secure the starting role. However, according to NFL insider Field Yates, despite the official announcement, the progress Justin Fields is making as the backup quarterback could spell trouble for Wilson by Week 1 of the regular season.

During his recent appearance on ‘JM Football’, Field Yates of ESPN asserted that Justin Fields might start this year’s season-opener even with Wilson healthy. He highlighted Fields’ on-field qualities, speculating that they might be superior to what Wilson can provide at this point in his career. “It could be sooner than later,” the insider said of Fields replacing Wilson.

“I think, Big Time! It’s not a certainty that Russell Wilson is the starting quarterback in Week 1, not a certainty at all,” Yates added. “I think that Justin can do some things that Russ, at this stage of his career, is simply incapable of doing.”


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Field Yates believes the Steelers might need to give Fields a chance unless Wilson performs exceptionally. Though he won’t bet on it, Yates feels strongly about Fields’ potential.

Justin Fields is Well Prepared if Russell Wilson Fails at Any Given Stage of the Season

Hope has been reignited in Pittsburgh, thanks to their standout QB room. With a quarterback like Kenny Pickett, who could hardly hold his own, the Steelers made it to the postseason. Therefore, Russell Wilson’s addition brings a much-needed boost to the team; however, Justin Fields is fiercely determined to compete with Wilson and secure the starting role.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler recently mentioned on Sportscenter that Justin Fields will get plenty of reps during training. “The Steelers, I’m told they love to get their backup quarterbacks reps, sometimes the first team, second team, scout teams, they’re gonna move Fields all over to get him a lot of throws early on,” he stated, as per Steelers Depot.

Looking ahead, the Steelers’ latter part of the season is no joke. They need Justin sharp, and Russell on fire. The Ravens in Week 11, the Browns in Weeks 12 and 14, and the Bengals in Week 13 are just the start.

Then, it gets wild: the Eagles in Week 15, the Ravens again in Week 16, the Chiefs in Week 17, and the Bengals in Week 18. If they’re aiming for the playoffs, they’ll need to bring their A-game and then some.

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