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Super Bowl Commercials 2021 : List of all the NFL Super Bowl Commercials in 2021?

Akhil Vajjhala

Super Bowl Commercials 2021 : List of all the NFL Super Bowl Commercials in 2021?

Super Bowl commercials 2021 : One thing that makes the Super Bowl so special, something my father and I would await every Super Bowl Sunday, is the multimillion dollar Super Bowl advertisements.

Steve Jobs revolutionised Super Bowl commercials with his 1997 ‘Think Different’ campaign that aired before the halftime show. Since then, the Super Bowl became a crockpot for the most innovative, most creative, most hilarious advertisements to run on television.

Move over Jake from State Farm and Martin from Geico, let’s run through the 2021 Super Bowl commercials.

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Wayne, Garth, and the ‘Big Bowl’

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are back! Away from the rock, but towards a whole lot of different rolls. Watch out for this hilarious Uber Eats commercial during the game.

The Jason Alexander Hoodie Super Bowl Commercial

This commercial comes courtesy of Jason Alexander’s expressions, and a lot of dog drool…a lot. Tide claims it can clean a hoodie that has seen bugs on a windshield, sweaty socks, and a surprising amount of rear.

Amzon’s Big Game Commercial

Imagine this. Michael B. Jordan as your own personal assistant, reading audio books for you while you bathe together. Yup, this woman has it all. Let the Super Bowl intensify your jealousy with this commercial.

Dolly Parton Super Bowl Commercial

Only Dolly Parton and her angelic voice could make me nearly mail my editors a resignation letter as I pursue building my own website that does nothing whatsoever.

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Cheetos Super Bowl Commercial

Only Shaggy, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher could ruin an overtly inappropriate song that I enjoy dancing to with my friends. Thanks, now watch me crave Cheetos at every party I go.

John Travolta Super Bowl Commercial

Watch your favourite celebrities stretch, garden, and of course Tikity Tok, in their backyards – of course with the aid of their Scotts and Miracle-Gro!

Is Anything More Super Bowl than Beer?

Watch this Michelob Ultra advertisement with Anthony Davis playing 2k (probably), Peyton Manning in his sheriff hat (ifykyk) and Serena Williams simply having a good time (how we all wish we could meet her).

Flat Stanley: The Movie?

Mathew McConaughey struggles as a 2-dimensional being in a 3-dimensional world, until he eats Doritos 3D that is. A single chip fixed all his problems. Thank you Doritos for helping all those people out there who struggle with the debilitating 2-dimensional disease (2DD) in our world.

Who needs a Porsche? A Rolex? Money, even? All you need is…mayonnaise.

Amy Schumer turning into a majestic bird after she enters a fridgeful of mayonnaise? Sign me up.

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Bud Light. Need I say anything more?

Watch everything that makes Bud Light commercials legendary in one 90-second advertisement. Chills, literal chills.

Non-Alcoholic Bud Light. Need I say anything more?

Well, this ain’t a Bud Light beer commercial. But watch a reflection on 2020 as Bud Light shows its newest lemon seltzer.

Lil Baby was not born in the spotlight…nah.

I repeat, Lil Baby was not born in the spotlight. That’s all there is to this teaser, but Rockstar Energy reminds you that there are big things coming.

But we still mustn’t forget, Lil Baby was not born in the spotlight.

The Best Super Bowl Ad.

There’s nothing much to say here except for the fact that this commercial had it all. Hyped me up about the Super Bowl, made me want to go buy some chips, and recreated the Immaculate Reception. Bradshaw, the Manning brothers, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana and of course, Beast Mode as the narrator.

This commercial won the bag.

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No income inequality. We’re all billionaires.

Stella Artois takes us down a rather philosophical journey of happiness in this 30-second commercial. Invest in happiness, invest in moments, invest in beer (I guess).

Super Bowl LV and a Message of Sustainability.

Can a burrito change the world? Well, that’s precisely the question Chipotle hopes to answer.

M&Ms are the perfect breakup gift!

M&Ms seem to make every situation better. Getting called a Karen, your name being Karen, and of course, eating someone’s friends.


Just. Horses. Enjoy!

Stranded Astronauts or Pringles? This has one very obvious answer.

The answer’s Pringles. Always will be. Don’t believe me? Check this out!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sorry, just practicing how to count…for a million dollars!

If you can count all the Mountain Dew Major Melon bottles in their commercial, you’ll win ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Once you win, don’t forget to thank The Sportsrush and yours truly.

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Torture at car dealerships? I hear ya.

Remember how we used to get tortured and physically beaten by car dealers until we bought a car? Me neither. Anyway, you can avoid this problem entirely through!

Goodbye Amazon. Hello Mercari.

Time to sell everything I own. Three cheers for Mercari!

Ford with a Message of Hope.

Like Chipotle, Ford also chose to go with sharing a message through its commercial. They speak about the impact of COVID-19 and how we must do our part to help. Ford speaks about donating PPE suits to those in need, and they couldn’t be more true.

Fiverr vs. Rudy Giulani.

Oh man, remember when Rudy Giulani spoke at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping? Next to all that horse manure? Yup, Fiverr reminds us of this through their commercial. “Small Biz goes Big,” they say. And they aren’t wrong.

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