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Taylor Swift to ‘Namedrop’ Patrick Mahomes and Super Bowl in Upcoming Music Video, Predicts Zoe

Yagya Bhargava

Taylor Swift to ‘Namedrop’ Patrick Mahomes and Super Bowl in Upcoming Music Video, Predicts Zoe

Patrick Mahomes recently showered Pop sensation Taylor Swift with praises in an interview with TIME magazine. He earned even more love from Swifties, who were already smitten with Travis Kelce. This sparked excitement for Zoe, the host of the “A Swift Look” podcast as she pondered the potential friendship blossoming between Mahomes and Swift.

Zoe’s imagination went into overdrive, picturing Taylor Swift designing plays for the Chiefs or competing for a coordinator spot. And it’s not all just fantasy – Patrick Mahomes revealed that Travis Kelce‘s beau is picking up the game quickly and asking the right questions about plays. After all, if she can conquer the pop world, why not the football arena too?

Following up on her ideas, Zoe’s excitement reached new heights when she heard Patrick Mahomes drop hints about Taylor Swift shooting a music video for her upcoming album, She even speculated that Taylor might even “name-drop” Mahomes or the Chiefs in one of her songs! She hypothesized,

I think that we’ll be getting a Patrick Mahomes name drop in Taylor’s future work, because I could see it. I could see her kind of, maybe not specifically Patrick but like football, Chiefs, Super Bowl, Championship, name-dropping, references. I could see that happening.”

Certainly, a Super Bowl reference in one of Taylor Swift’s songs would make waves, drawing attention far and wide. Taylor Swift’s influence paired with sports has been a palpable spectacle to witness, evident throughout the 2023 NFL season, and who can forget Super Bowl LVIII?

Taylor Swift’s Enormous Impact on Super Bowl LVIII

The Super Bowl showdown between the Chiefs and 49ers this year captivated a whopping 123.4 million viewers. Comparatively, last year’s clash between the Chiefs and Eagles drew 115.1 million viewers.

While the overtime match was a major draw, the Taylor Swift factor also played a significant role. The Swift effect was undoubtedly a powerful force during the game with numerous non-football fans tuning in.

Sports Media Watch provided an insightful analysis showing the significant influence Swift had on Super Bowl viewership. Among women aged 18-24, the 2024 Super Bowl saw a 24% increase in viewership compared to last year.

Additionally, girls aged 12-17 showed an 11% uptick in viewership, When combining women and men aged 18-24 with girls aged 12-17, there were nearly two million more viewers for the Super Bowl LVIII compared to Super Bowl LVII.

When it comes to influencing people worldwide, Taylor Swift stands out. She could consider creating a franchise anthem for the Kansas City Chiefs. Imagine the stadium echoing it during the Chiefs’ first game of the 2024-25 season!

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Yagya Bhargava

Yagya Bhargava

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