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“Terry Bradshaw Couldn’t Do it”: Michael Lombardi Concurs With Tom Brady on Chiefs Three-Peat Chances in 2025


Tom Brady Thwarting Patrick Mahomes' Three-Peat Ambitions? AFC West Steals Spotlight

Will the Chiefs be able to achieve a three-peat? That’s the biggest question going into the season and a topic that’s on everybody’s minds, even Tom Brady and Vince Lombardi. Already having achieved a massive feat in two consecutive Super Bowl wins, KC is vying for a third. But experts, including Brady and Lombardi, don’t think it’s going to be very easy.

With two back-to-back Super Bowls safely in the bag, a third wouldn’t seem like much. But Patriots legend Tom Brady, on a recent episode of ‘The Herd’ couldn’t help but wonder whether it would be as easy as Chiefs Nation would like it to be. And former Patriots staffer Michael Lombardi also couldn’t help but share the same concerns as Brady. Taking to his show ‘The Lombardi Line,’ the football executive listed all the greats before Patrick Mahomes who couldn’t achieve a three-peat as he said,

“Bart Starr couldn’t do it, Terry Bradshaw couldn’t do it, John Elway couldn’t do it, Bob Greasy couldn’t do it, Tom Brady couldn’t do it, Troy Aikman couldn’t do it. All those quarterbacks that I just mentioned won two in a row and they couldn’t get to a three. It’s really hard…Tom’s right, there’s such a thin margin.”

Furthermore, Lombardi detailed how the Chiefs got extremely lucky last season multiple times, which led to them bagging that second consecutive win. But a three-peat might just be a fool’s errand. While the Chiefs have managed to replicate Brady’s success in getting consecutive wins, Lombardi thinks it’s very unlikely they’ll be able to outdo him and nab three in a row. But why does TB-12 himself think the Chiefs have a tall task ahead of them?

A “Razor-Thin Margin of Error” Could Derail the Chiefs’ Three-Peat Aspirations?

According to Brady, winning one Super Bowl is “extremely difficult,” winning two back-to-back is “nearly impossible,” and “there’s a reason why no one’s” won a third consecutive title in the history of the sport. A lot of cards would need to fall into place for the Chiefs to make their dreams a reality. And that can be really hard when the margin for error is razor-thin, as Brady says. He detailed exactly why it could prove to be so hard for the Mahomes-led Chiefs:

“To put three of those together, in back-to-back-to-back seasons, with drafting last, a very hard schedule, all of the turnover in free agency, and guys continuing to be motivated, it’s a big challenge.”

However, the 7x Super Bowl champion showcased his faith in the Chiefs unit and said that if anyone could achieve it, it would be the KC franchise. And while their odds are better than every other team’s, “there’s not a 50 percent chance of that happening.”

Whether everyone on the team is motivated or not, star QB Patrick Mahomes is brimming with unbridled confidence in his ability to lead his team to the promised land. He’s already guaranteed a third Lombardi, and it’s unlikely that the doubt coming off of the experienced stalwarts of the league dampen his spirits or his confidence. So, is Mahomes going to prove everyone wrong and overcome those 50% odds, or is his winning run going to come to a close?

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