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Tom Brady and Barack Obama Have “The Same Traits”, Analyst Explains

Oindrila Chowdhury

Tom Brady and Barack Obama Have “The Same Traits”, Analyst Explains

NFL enthusiasts will soon have the opportunity to see Tom Brady in the commentators’ booth. The big question now is whether his exceptional talent on the field will translate behind the microphone. Interestingly, Colin Cowherd addressed this dilemma by drawing a comparison between NFL icon Tom Brady and former President Barack Obama.

Cowherd pointed out that both Brady and Obama have a public appeal that draws people close to them. He also noted how both personalities command attention and admiration effortlessly wherever they go.

“I know somebody that knows President Barack Obama, former president, pretty well, and they both have the same trait. Everybody wants a picture; everybody wants to say hi. I remember this game,” said Colin.

Tom Brady, renowned as an NFL quarterback with seven Super Bowl victories has enjoyed remarkable success throughout his career. His expertise, leadership skills, and presence in the league have elevated him to become one of the most well-known athletes globally. Similarly, Barack Obama, serving as the President of the United States made history as the first African-American to hold this esteemed position. His presidency, charm, and impactful speeches have left a mark on history establishing him as a figure on a global scale.

Naturally, Colin’s comparison is quite self-explanatory! Both of them have high-profile appeals and enjoy a huge fanbase, which is why Brady will always be embraced by NFL fans be it as a player or a commentator.

Currently preparing for his role as Fox Sports lead NFL Analyst, Tom Brady will soon be joining forces with Kevin Burkhardt, Fox’s play-by-play announcer. In light of that, Cowherd referenced a recent interview with Brady on his podcast “The Herd,” when evaluating TB12’s potential as a broadcaster.

Firstly, he commended Brady for handling his responsibilities and interactions smoothly. Next, Cowherd admired how Brady maintained a sense of normalcy despite his celebrity status. 

“Tom is a highly functional, very normal, incredibly thoughtful guy. As I sat there for the interview, he has a personality trait that I’ve always admired in people. Anything you asked Tom about football, anything—I was throwing these goofy theories I have—he’s thought about it.” shared the host of the “The Herd.”

Cowherd is also impressed by Brady’s readiness. He noticed how the former QB is always prepared to engage in discussions about football theories and questions on the podcast. This proves Brady’s knowledge, and Cowherd believes Brady will thrive as a commentator due to his skills and ability to express himself effectively.

Additionally, Cowherd highlighted that Brady’s self-critical nature will drive him towards improving as a commentator, similar to what he did during his playing career 

Following Colin Cowherd’s perspective, host John Middlekauff chimed in talking about Tom’s likeability.

John Middlekauff Reveals What Makes Tom Brady Incredibly Likable and Humble

John Middlekauff linked Tom’s charm to his tenure with the Patriots under Bill Belichick’s guidance, where he and his teammates adhered to high standards. Additionally, the former NFL scout also pointed out how despite not always being filled with top-tier talent, the Patriots managed to succeed due to their core values and humble attitude. 

Thereafter, Tom’s upbringing is highlighted as an element in shaping his character with Middlekauff crediting his nature to his family values. Also, Tom’s passion for football, his knack for building connections with others, and his genuine concern for people are traits that Middlekauff respects.

In contrast to sports icons like Michael Jordan, Middlekauff draws attention to Tom’s down-to-earth nature. Plus, his smooth transition to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he quickly earned the respect of everyone around him.

“Let’s face it, most people that are like Michael Jordan are not like that, right? Because usually, how could Tom relate to anybody? But he is able to do that. He transitioned to Tampa, and it was like everyone loved him. It was like the practice squad guys were like, he’s taking pictures with my kid. The star players are like, he’s the coolest guy we’ve ever been around. It’s just a trait that not many people have,” shared John Middlekauff.

When Tom Brady enters the broadcast booth, all eyes in the NFL community will be on him. Given his leadership abilities, personality, and determination, it’s likely that  Tom’s venture into broadcasting will be as successful as his time on the field.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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