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Tom Brady and Russell Wilson Outmatched by Aaron Rodgers, Minimizing Interceptions to Lowest Levels

Suresh Menon

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Despite the numerous controversies that Aaron Rodgers found himself embroiled in over the years, none can deny the sheer quality the QB possesses. Compare the New York Jets QB to any offensive player of his generation and very few can go head-to-head against him in terms of accuracy. Even the GOAT Tom Brady drops below Rodgers in certain accuracy-based metrics.

When one compares Aaron Rodgers to fellow QBs over the time frame of the last century, the Packers legend stunningly has the lowest interception percentage amongst all who have played a minimum of 100 games. Rodgers’ 1.4% interception rate is the lowest this century with the next best being Tom Brady with 1.8%, followed by Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott at 1.9% each. While a lower interception rate hasn’t translated to the highest touchdowns scored for Rodgers, it’s still stunning to see how accurate he is.

Russell Wilson and Tom Brady are two of the most laser-sharp passers in the game with passing ratings of 64.7 and 64.3 respectively. However, it is still not enough to beat Rodgers, who has a stellar rating of 65.3 in his career. A deeper look at his accuracy even shows how certain teams haven’t been able to intercept his passes even once.

For example, Rodgers has had 0 interceptions against the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. He also has just a single interception recorded against the Patriots, Cowboys, Texans, and the Commanders. For a man who has been playing for more than two decades, this is truly a remarkable achievement.

A low interception rate is one of the most ideal metrics for a QB. However, popular NFL analyst Nick Wright believes it has harmed Aaron Rodgers

Analyst Believes That Aaron Rodgers’ Low Interception Rate Is Detrimental

In the latest episode of “What’s Wright? With Nick Wright,” analyst Nick Wright made a very bold statement about Aaron Rodgers’ low interception rate. Claiming that Rodgers’ allergy to interceptions has been a bit of a drawback for him, Nick pointed out that the QB’s low interception rate is mainly caused by his affinity to make low-risk passes. He even argued that this is why Aaron Rodgers’ “free play” is one of the most dangerous versions of the QB.

Subsequently, Nick suggested that Rodgers should make the best use of his innate ability to make deep balls look easy and take more risks. Rodgers does not have elite WRs to support him any longer and simple passes won’t cut it for the Jets this season.

Hence Nick urged the QB to make more risky passes and stop being obsessed with not making interceptions, as winning is the ultimate goal

“I would argue that Aaron’s allergy to interceptions has been a slight detriment. I think there are times when interception is the worst thing a quarterback can do. There are also times when the risk is worth the reward for what a big play can do for your team.
Aaron throughout his career has had a great deep ball. He has been able to make every throw and I do think maybe a few more risks, a few more chances could be good because you are going to get some more big plays that particularly were lacking for the Packers last year and the Jets have been lacking their entire run.”

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