“Tom Brady is the toughest quarterback I’ve ever faced” Von Miller opens up about the GOAT and his madden like pre snap vision

Arth Chandra
|Published August 26, 2021

Tom Brady has cemented his legacy as the GOAT. So it’s no surprise that All-Pro Von Miller’s says his toughest QB matchup is the 7 time Super Bowl winner

Tom Brady is a little bit crazy. There’s no way around it. He is so dedicated to football and quarterbacking that it borders upon madness.  There’s nothing else to say about it and his continued NFL career at the age of 44-years-old is a testament to it.

And all of this has led to his unbeatable legacy. 7 Super Bowl rings. All-Time Leader in Passing Yards with 79,204 yards. All-Time leader with 581 touchdowns. 3 MVP’s and many more.

His longevity, though, is what has helped his case for the best QB title the most, as he just won a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 43 years old. Brady’s 21 NFL seasons — soon-to-be 22 — have also helped him climb atop almost every major passing category.

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Von Miller made the Pro Bowl 8 of his first 9 seasons. He was named First-team All-Pro for 3 of these seasons, and will likely go down as one of the greatest LBs of this generation. The toughest QB he has faced: Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is the toughest QB Von Miller has faced.

In an interview with the Players Tribune, Von Miller had some very high praise for the Bucs QB.

What makes him the best isn’t just his accuracy throwing the ball. His presnap vision is the best I’ve ever seen, bar none. He’s able to predict your play just based off the presnap coverage. You can disguise your look all you want, but he’s still able to move guys around and forecast what’s coming. Brady almost turns the whole game into a seven-on-seven drill because of how fast he’s able to get rid of the ball.

And let’s be honest — he hasn’t always had the best talent in the world around him. But no matter who his receivers are, his presnap adjustments set them up to excel. Let me bring it back to Madden again. Sometimes if you have the right matchups, or check into the right play based on the defense, it doesn’t matter if your receiver is a 70-overall or a 90-overall. Brady will almost always check into the play that allows his first or second reads to get open.

The biggest challenge in playing the Patriots is simply getting off the field. You’re never worried about Brady hitting you for 70 yards, but he’ll chip away at you and keep drives alive, which wears you down. So if my whole game is based on an explosive first step, that’s a problem. Getting a consistent first step on a 15-play drive is pretty much impossible.

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