Tom Brady Joins Twitter to Troll Max Kellerman On the 6 Year Anniversary of a Horribly Bad Take

Jayanth Gorantla
|Published July 29, 2022

Tom Brady took the time to join Twitter in trolling Max Kellerman 6 years after saying Brady was going to fall off a cliff. 

Tom Brady, who is turning 45 years old just next month, has been so far successful in defeating father time. His play on the field has not declined and has in fact aged like fine wine.

However, in professional sports, after hitting the middle 30s, almost all sports analysts begin to write off players. They start to claim that the player will suddenly decline and production will fall off a cliff.

Max Kellerman is no stranger to these kind of takes when it comes to Tom Brady. Back when Kellerman was hosting “First Take” with Stephen A. Smith, Kellerman made the assertion that Brady was going to fall off a cliff.

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This take by Kellerman was made in light of the New England Patriots giving Jimmy Garoppolo more playing time in order to keep him ready. Max’s take was trolled quite a bit back then in 2016, and it is trolled even today.

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Twitter is laughing at Kellerman falling off a cliff now

Since Kellerman’s infamous take on “First Take”, Brady has gone on to win 3 more Super Bowl rings. 2 of them were with the New England Patriots and 1 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Kellerman however, got fired from “First Take” and is now on another show.

“First Take” is a very popular show and may even hold the title for most popular sports talk show on the regular. Ever since being taken off “First Take”, Max’s appearance on national media has fell off a cliff.

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A Twitter user pointed this out and joined other fellow users in making fun of Kellerman’s situation. Brady actually started the trolling by “ratio-ing” Kellerman and claiming that his play and popularity have only increased.

However early Max was with his take, it is inevitable that Brady will finally have to call it quits one day. He, in fact, retired but came back after just a couple weeks. He claimed that he was not ready to walk away and still had a lot to offer.

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