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Tom Brady Reveals How Patrick Mahomes Made Him Regret Being “Too Serious”

Aditya Rajput

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Tom Brady might be the biggest inspiration for the new generation of football players but there’s something he could also learn from the new generation. While Brady has established his greatness in the game, he has a few regrets about the way he did things in his career. He recently made an appearance on the Pivot Podcast and he spoke about the kind of things he’s seen Patrick Mahomes do on the field that made him question his style of playing.

While on the Pivot Podcast, Brady spoke about the toll playing took on him. While he enjoyed success as well as the process towards it, the QB developed a bad habit. He would overanalyze the way he played as well as become overly critical of himself. This would lead to the QB not enjoying himself on the field.

While on Pivot, he spoke about this regret and compared his behavior to the best of this generation, Patrick Mahomes. Brady expressed his regret and said,

“I see like Patrick, you know out there quarterback running around laughing and having fun. I’m like, I used to be like that. What the hell happened?”

Brady even mentioned that if he was able to turn back the clock, he would play in a carefree manner. While talking about this he brought up how he saw pictures of himself being grumpy while playing and how that made games feel like very high-pressure situations.

He also expressed the kind of preferences he started having in terms of games later on in his career because of these high-pressure situations.

What Did Tom Brady Truly Enjoy More Than the Games?

While Brady has been a master of performing in clutch moments, he personally started enjoying the process of getting to the game a lot more. While on the podcast, Brady spoke about how practices that led up to the game were a lot more enjoyable for him at times.

During games, there are higher stakes and higher expectations. For him, the practice became a lot more enjoyable since the expectations were a lot lower.

However, whatever his regrets with games, Brady always had a positive attitude on the gridiron. The QB has always showcased that he has been one of the best players to perform under pressure.

In every clutch moment, Brady has been the epitome of success. While he certainly faced his challenges in terms of his mindset, he spoke about how he loved challenges, especially in the playoffs. His career as well as his mentality have been a master class for upcoming generations.

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Aditya Rajput

Aditya Rajput


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