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Tom Brady to Dallas Cowboys, Fueled by Jerry Jones? Pat McAfee Show Co-Host Sparks Bold Speculation

Nidheesh Kumar

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Is Tom Brady joining the Dallas Cowboys? No, he isn’t; however, Boston Conner of the Pat McAfee Show has an interesting hypothesis that could strongly benefit the seven-time Super Bowl champ. He thinks that by agreeing to join hands with America’s Team, Brady could seal the deal he has been chasing for so long.

While the prospect of TB12 stepping foot in Jerry’s World looks exciting on paper, the chances of it actually materializing appear bleak for two sound reasons. For first, the ex-Patriots man didn’t mention the Cowboys in the DeepCuts with VicBlends podcast, but only the Patriots, Raiders, and 49ers. Thus, Dallas is not exactly a part of his comeback plan. Or, at least, for now.

And then, there’s the case of Brady being a co-parent, which could definitely hinder his ability to relocate to Dallas with his children, potentially affecting their schooling and day-to-day activities. However, barring these roadblocks, Pat McAfee’s co-host, Boston Conner, hinted that Brady could join the Cowboys simply to curry favor with Jerry Jones and bolster his bid for ownership of the Raiders.

“Even a team like the Cowboys where Dak Prescott goes through something…You know Jerry Jones, and maybe Tom thinks to himself… Hey, if I go and play for Jerry, maybe Jerry will spread the word and let everyone know, ‘Hey Tom is a good man, he can be an owner in this league.’ Because that’s what he is clearly looking for,” Connor said about the Cowboys’ possibility.

Realistically, it looks like a distant possibility because Dak Prescott and his backup, Cooper Rush, are already a dominant QB force in the NFC East. Since the demand is less, why would TB12 join the Cowboys for just one season? Another crucial fact is Tom Brady is unlikely to snub the three teams on his wishlist.

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On track to become a minority of the Raiders, the former NFL QB may choose this $6.2B team as his landing spot, considering 75% of the owners (24) are also on the same page. The major factors are the lack of a solid QB at the helm, his connection with the owner, Mark Davis, and the additional responsibility of him being a Raiders stakeholder — all hinting that they would finally get on track with a QB like Brady. 

In the case of the Patriots, who have moved on from Bill Belichick, the three-time MVP could perhaps retire with grace. Ever since doors were opened for him to move to Tampa Bay, the club hasn’t been the same. Perhaps he will nudge them in the right direction while also adding another ring to his eighth finger. With new head man Jerod Mayo, they could seriously reach great heights. His Hall of Fame ceremony is scheduled for June, providing the perfect opportunity to broach the subject with Robert Kraft.

Last but not least, as per CBS Sports, 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan has admitted that he wanted Tom Brady on the roster after he decided to hang up his cleats. If he were to accept this invitation, perhaps the parade would be held in the city of the Golden Gate instead of the Barbeque hotspot. 

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