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Travis Kelce Applauds ‘Bulked Up’ Lamar Jackson for ‘Breaking Arms’ of KC Chiefs’ ‘John Cena’

Nidheesh Kumar

Lamar Jackson and Travis Kelce

Lamar Jackson aims to exact revenge against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs on September 5 in the NFL kick-off game at Arrowhead. And there is a reason. Last January, he lost a chance to win the Super Bowl to Mahomes. The Ravens QB lost 10 pounds in the next 2 months and appears determined to take the lead for the Super Bowl 2013 winners. 

And, 100 days before the kick-off, Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce shared a telling incident about Jackson. It reflected Lamar’s growth as a footballer. In a freewheeling chat with Jason Kelce at the New Heights podcast, Travis spoke about two aspects that make Lamar a dangerous opponent.

The first aspect reflects on the body transformation of the Ravens quarterback. And, the second incident details an inside view of how Lamar broke an arm tackle by the Chiefs ‘John Cena’, aka Leo Chenal. The incident occurred during the AFC Championship game. A vocal Travis Kelce revealed;

“Dude, when we saw him in the AFC, he wasn’t a thin dude like he was in the Louisville in his first couple of years. He bulked up. He is breaking arm tackles. One of the biggest arms on our team, f**king John Cena, Leo Chenal broke his arm tackle and threw a touchdown pass to Zay Flowers in the first quarter. Of course, Lamar is one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the league.” 

The response by Travis denotes why the Chiefs fear the 27-year-old quarterback. His admission highlights that they cannot return to the 2024 AFC Championship plan again, as Lamar has mastered it. Hence, the Chiefs must probably focus on the running game against Lamar because he has negated the power game. 

Travis Kelce Excited to Play Against Lamar Jackson Amid Schedule Debate

After the NFL schedule release, several analysts blamed the league for the increased workload for the Chiefs. They revealed the Chiefs have to play 3 games in 10 days in December. Additionally, the Chiefs will go 46 days without a home game, one of the longest stretches in the NFL. 

And, they open their campaign against the Baltimore Ravens, one of the toughest opponents in the NFL. However, Travis Kelce did not show any aversion to facing the challenge. He spoke about his excitement to play against Lamar Jackson

“Yeah, we got the Ravens, baby. And got them in the first game of the year. So everybody should be healthy and ready to rock and roll. I love a good power-house matchup to the start of the season. I think it gets everybody excited for football,” Travis denoted. 

Before the Ravens lock horns against the Chiefs, Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes will play a key role in devising the Chiefs’ game plan. One of the major talking points will be to stop Lamar Jackson.

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Nidheesh Kumar

Nidheesh Kumar


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