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Tyreek Hill Wants to Box and Jake Paul is His First Choice of Opponent: “I Grew Up Boxing”

Ayush Juneja

Tyreek Hill Wants to Box and Jake Paul is His First Choice of Opponent: “I Grew Up Boxing”

With no football scheduled until August, Tyreek Hill has been contemplating future endeavors for his post-retirement plans. The active Dolphins receiver frequently engages on social media, often making headlines. In a recent video with Bob Menery, Cheetah and Bob discussed the idea of channeling anger by stepping into the cage. It was during this conversation that Hill declared his intention to fight the Youtuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul.

Expressing his eagerness to meet Dana White, Hill conveyed his desire to enter the ring against Paul. He confidently asserted that Paul isn’t as tough as he appears, relying on his background in boxing to suggest he can take on the Youtuber-turned-fighter, despite not having boxed anyone before. He said,

” Just take it to the cage, bro. And that’s why I want to meet Dana White. I want to get in the cage or I want to box. I think my first fight need to be like Jake Paul or something like that. I grew up boxing. I don’t do it no more.”


This isn’t the first time the 1-time Super Bowl winner has called out Jake Paul for a fight. He previously challenged Paul to a match if Hill retires from football in 2025, showcasing Tyreek’s confidence in his own abilities. Although he mentioned to Menery that he no longer engages in boxing, recent observations reveal him practicing in the ring during the off-season, notably at Champs Boxing and Fitness in Georgia.

Hill expressed that his time in the ring contributes to enhancing his footwork, strength, and coordination. Beyond football, Tyreek is building a brand around himself. His “Tyreek Hill Family Foundation” extends support to at-risk youth, focusing on education and wellness, with a particular emphasis on mental health.

The Cheetah has ventured into entrepreneurship with his own merchandise brand, “Soul Runner.” Additionally, Tyreek hosts his podcast, “It Needed To Be Said,” where he delves into various football topics.

Hill challenging Jake Paul is not new as Youtuber has a history of getting into with professionals. In fact, Paul boasts of an impressive record as a professional boxer himself.

Is Jake Paul Really an Easy Opponent?

Youtuber turned boxer, Paul likes to run his mouth and talk a big game. He doesn’t shy from a challenge. In his short 10-match boxing career, he has a 9-1 record, although his first bout against Deji, another Youtuber-turned Boxer and younger brother of Rapper KSI was an amateur one, although he did secure a victory.

His first significant challenge materialized against 3-time NBA Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson, gaining attention as he triumphed in the second round. The stakes rose when he faced former Olympic mixed martial artist Ben Askren, defeating him in the first round. Surprising many, he went the full 8 rounds against former five-time UFC champ Tyron Woodley, securing a victory by split decision.

In October 2022, he took on 47-year-old Brazilian MMA star Anderson Silva, emerging victorious after an intense eight-round bout. The first dent in his record occurred in 2023 when he faced the highly anticipated match against Tyson Fury, losing via judges’ scorecards with scores of 74-75 for Paul and 76-73 twice for Fury as per Dexerto.

Since this defeat, he has remained undefeated, conquering MMA veteran Nate Diaz and boxer Andre August. Despite repeated challenges from Tyreek Hill, an athlete with an 8-1 professional record, who has defeated genuine fighters, it would be intriguing to witness Paul in the ring against him.

While Hill boasts speed and endurance from his experiences on the football field, stepping into the ring without protective gear could be a different challenge. Although Hill practices boxing during the off-season and claims a background in the sport, he has yet to venture into professional boxing. Perhaps, we’ll have to await his retirement from football to see how he fares in the boxing arena. For now, Hill will continue showcasing his skills on the football field, with a scheduled appearance in September.

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