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‘Unapologetic’ Harrison Butker Breaks Silence On Controversial Speech: “Some People May Be Never Liking Me“

Nidheesh Kumar

Harrison Butker

As if one speech wasn’t enough, Harrison Butker is back with another. This time, doubling down on his controversial takes and comparing himself to saints and martyrs. Despite the backlash over his Benedictine College commencement speech, the Chiefs kicker did not show any regret but rather justified his words during the “Courage Under Fire Gala” in Nashville.

Earlier, Butker had landed in some hot water when he urged the woman graduates at Benedictine College to embrace being a ‘homemaker’. The controversial address also saw Butker taking a firm stand against the LGBTQ community. Speaking about the incident at the gala, beaming with pride, Butker denoted he is not afraid to voice his views as it is a part of his freedom of religion.

“I am humbled by the support I received from all walks of life…Would I be so bold if the repercussion was what Daniel faced in being fed to lions? In reality, any courage I have shown may lead to small suffering, and it will lead to some people maybe never liking me but that could be God’s will,” Butker said at the event. 

But that’s not all. The Chiefs kicker went even further to hold up the backlash he has seen over the past two weeks to the ordeals of martyrs and saints as he said,

“If I constantly remind myself of the hardships the saints went through especially the martyrs in their persecution it makes it all seem not so bad.

Butker’s initial address had sparked a storm, with analysts lashing out at the Chiefs kicker for his controversial remarks at a prestigious student event. Interestingly, aside from Chris Jones, no NFL player or analyst supported Butker’s remarks. Several experts, including Shannon Sharpe, urged him to issue an apology. However, Butker remained silent on social media, before his Friday address.

The majority of the reactions to come out of Butker’s speech have been evasive. Butker has either found outright support for his works, like in the case of Chris Jones, or a justification, like in the case of Mahomes. The Chiefs QB, while saying that he does not agree with everything Butker said, also upheld the kicker’s rights to his own thoughts and opinions. Meanwhile, the league itself also offered a similar perspective on the incident.

How Did the NFL and Kansas City Chiefs React To Harrison Butker? 

While the Kansas City Chiefs declined to comment on the address, the NFL’s Chief Diversity Officer, Jonathan Beane stated to that Butker gave a speech in his ‘personal capacity’. The official added ‘the league is steadfast in its commitment to inclusivity,’ distancing themselves from the controversy.

In the meantime, Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt’s wife Travia Hunt warned fans not to take the Butker issue out of context. Travia wrote an Instagram post, saying;

“I also caution against taking things out of context. Sound bites overlaid with hateful comments are not what we want to model for our children or others. We need more dialogue (and VALUES, IMO) in this country and less hate.”

Even though the league and the Chiefs front office have so far taken a supportive stance, Butker’s reluctance to apologize could become a significant talking point in the coming days. With the Butker issue in the limelight, will the league implement new measures to prevent similar controversies in the future?

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