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Urban Meyer Gets Trolled for Labeling NIL as Cheating: “Irony Is Incredible”

Ayush Juneja

Urban Meyer Gets Trolled for Labeling NIL as Cheating: “Irony Is Incredible”

The NIL has become a point of contentious debate in college football, with many prominent coaches speaking about it. The message that unchecked NIL will have large implications for small programs that can’t offer their players as much financial gain as big schools and their boosters can be right, but the value of that message diminishes if it comes from someone like Urban Meyer.

Meyer, the former Ohio State HC, recently stated that NIL has become a way of cheating. While on Lou Holtz’s show, he asserted that players using their popularity and name to help promote a business should be allowed to do so. But that’s not what has happened. Donors and collectives are just dolling out cash directly to players, indirectly paying them on behalf of the football programs. That wasn’t the purpose of legalizing the NIL.

However, his comments haven’t gone down well with the fans, who feel that talk about cheating coming from someone like Meyer is ironic and hypocritical. While some stated that he shouldn’t be someone to lecture people about morality or ethics because his football programs did all that even before the NIL, others reminded him that he cheated on his spouse. See for yourselves:

Another chimed in and wrote,

This fan quipped,

Someone commented,

A user stated,

Others said,

Meyer’s career and coaching stints everywhere are shrouded in controversy. As per Nicki, during his time with the Gators, he allegedly created a toxic culture where star players received favorable treatment and evaded drug tests.

41 of the 121 players on his 2008 Gators team were either arrested in college or after leaving college. During his half-a-dozen years in Florida, 31 players were taken into custody for crimes ranging from assault to DV, etc.

During his time at Ohio State, he reportedly buried the spousal abuse allegations against his assistant Zach Smith, for which Smith was fired and Urban was placed on administrative leave.

Moreover, his infidelity issues came to light when he was seen dancing at a bar with an unknown woman and was seen touching her backside. He was also accused of kicking the former Jags kicker, Josh Lambo.

Last but not least, the NFL fined him $100k for breaching the NFL rules of contact during the pre-season. Meyer also hired former strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle, despite being aware of allegations of racial comments and intimidation tactics against Doyle. So, it’s no wonder fans are skeptical about his comments. Or is Meyer itching to prove himself in the world of coaching after his disastrous spell with the Jaguars?

Urban Meyer’s Coaching Future

Urban Meyer has been one of the best coaches in the college football landscape, winning three National Titles with the Florida Gators and the Ohio State Buckeyes. He is also only one of four coaches to win Natty with different football programs. His winning percentage of .854 is the highest in college football. But when he tried his luck in the NFL, things didn’t go well.

Besides off-field controversies, he made some astonishing decisions during his time with the Jaguars, like signing Tebow as a Tight End, benching James Robinson, and then getting fired with a 2-11 record. With his poor record in pro football and controversies, it is unlikely he will get a coaching job anytime soon.

Interestingly, however, he has expressed no desire to coach a football team, as per Knox News. Instead, he stated that he plans to travel with his wife, focus on nursing himself back to health, and spend quality time with his grandkids.

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