“Very Humbling & Honored” Dwayne Johnson Rejoices After the XFL Week 5 Attendance Sets a New Benchmark

Deepesh Nair
|Published 19/03/2023

The future of spring football in the American sports fraternity looks bright after the enhanced version of Pro football, XFL, recorded a new benchmark. The Dwayne Johnson-backed league recorded a massive fan following of more than 30,000 viewers in St Louis when the Battlehawks met Renegades on Saturday.

Last week, there had been a proportional decline in the numbers, with just 12,000 fans per game on average. Although St Louis continued to remain a hotbed attracting several fans, other franchises failed to host enough followers, which certainly turned out to be a matter of concern among the league’s upper brass. Well, they need not worry because the viewership is increasing with each passing day.

Promising updates from Dwayne Johnson lift the XFL fans

Even though XFL was introduced a couple of years ago, the league couldn’t gain enough traction due to the lack of audience and fan following across the country. With existing giants like the NFL, the management struggled to establish its value. As a result, it got suspended in 2020, suffered huge losses, and went bankrupt.

However, Johnson, who also happens to be an avid football fan, came out of the blue to rescue its legacy. He spent $15 million to revive the league and rolled out fresh directives for a new beginning. Guess what? It has started showing the results.

As expected, the league recorded a massive physical attendance of 38,310 followers in St Louis, per River Front Times. The lack of NFL games might be one of the reasons why XFL is growing in this region. Anyways it is helping the league to grow its reach in many ways. The Rock instantly posted this update on social media, garnering crazy reactions from the fans.

How did the numbers look in Week 4?

There has been a significant rise in the number of spectators during the Seattle Sea Dragons Vs San Antonio Brahmas game last week. The hosts enjoyed 15,103 fans against their previous 10,386 in week 2. When the D.C. Defenders slayed Vegas Vipers, 11,520 people attended the party.

According to multiple reports, XFL has attracted the interest of 220,000 spectators across the country, and this number is expected to rise in the coming days. The season is just halfway, and five weeks are still left in the contest. It will be interesting to see if Johnson can wrap up his first season on a high note.

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