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WATCH: George Kittle Pulls a Travis Kelce at Country Star Luke Combs’ Concert

Ayush Juneja

"Destroys the Credibility of Any Voting Process": Anti Travis Kelce Fans Erupt Over George Kittle's All Pro Snub

George Kittle, Brock Purdy, and a crowd of fans couldn’t get enough of Luke Combs when the country star lit up Levi’s Stadium with his thrilling and magical performance. Kittle particularly enjoyed it, perhaps a bit too much, as both he and Purdy ended up going on the stage with George, doing something that would have made Travis Kelce proud.

The 49ers super fan Nick Newman posted a video of the 49ers Tight End and QB on X (formerly Twitter) having a gala time at Luke Combs’ concert. During the concert, Kittle ended up shot-gunning beers much like Kelce or, more preferably, like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

The 49ers tight end did it twice. Purdy, who was also on the stage, didn’t consume a drop of alcohol and rather acted like a good QB, passing the beer to his trusted target. However, from the looks of it, George failed to chug the whole can of beer. Much like Kelce, who chugged beer during his fake graduation ceremony, Kittle spilled most of it and didn’t completely chug it.

Notably, the 49ers duo weren’t the only NFL stars who attended Luke Combs’ concert and then ended up going on stage to shotgun and chug a can of beer. During the off-season last year, Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany Mahomes, attended Luke’s concert at Arrowhead Stadium. The three-time Super Bowl champion ended up getting on stage and shotgunning a beer with the country singer before completely chugging it.

Fans, however, had a mixed reaction to Kittle shot-gunning the beer, and some even noticed Purdy’s short passes on the stage.

Fans React to George Kittle and Brock Purdy at Combs’ Concert

After clips of the 49ers duo surfaced online, the majority of fans were impressed with Brock Purdy for not drinking, calling him their franchise QB, and taking a jibe at Colin Cowherd in the process. They even appreciated Brock passing the beer to Kittle.

Meanwhile, others enjoyed watching the 49ers’ tight end shotgunning and chugging beer like Stone Cold. However, not all were impressed, with some questioning if Kittle had ever had a beer before, while others poked fun at him for spilling it. See for yourselves:

Another chimed in and wrote,

A fan quipped,

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Others said,

It’s great to see Kittle and Purdy enjoying themselves after a disheartening defeat in the Super Bowl just a few months ago. However, the grind will begin soon, as the season is less than 4 months away. The Niners will be hoping to get back to the Super Bowl and finally shake that monkey off their backs.

They have managed to retain most of the squad while also adding new players through the draft and defensive players through free agency. They begin their season at home against the improved Jets side, and given the strength of their squad and given the fact that they have one of the easiest schedules, they are expected to top the NFC yet again.

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