What did Brett Favre do? Latest developments in the Welfare Fraud scandal

Shubham Bhargav
|Published 25/09/2022

Latest findings in the Welfare Fund scandal suggest that Brett Favre was lying all along about not knowing that the money was for poor people.

Brett Favre is one of the biggest stars in the world of the NFL. In his two decade-long career, Favre shattered several records. In fact, he had 321 consecutive starts from 1992 to 2010 which is enough to prove how consistent he was.

However, lately he has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Favre was named in a massive political scandal a while ago. Allegedly, governor Phil Bryant and Favre diverted millions that were meant to aid the poor families of Mississippi. Reason behind the diversion was to create a volleyball stadium in a college where Favre’s daughter played.

As more details about the case started emerging, uproar against Favre on Twitter started gaining momentum. Many were not happy with NFL’s silence on the massive scandal.

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Gov. Bryant had warned Brett Favre about the legal consequences of misusing State Welfare Funds

As it turns out, even Favre admirers might now have a tough time taking his side as recent court filings suggest that the former Green Bay star was lying about not knowing that he was securing money which was meant for the poor people of Mississippi.

Reportedly, Brett Favre kept on pursuing the Mississippi state officials in order to secure funds for building new sports facility in his daughter’s college even after Gov. Phil Bryant had clearly told him that the misuse of state funds could be illegal and might land him in trouble.

“Use of these funds is tightly controlled,” Bryant told Favre, as per court filings. “Any improper use could result in violation of Federal Law. Auditors are currently reviewing the use of these funds.”

Favre still continued on his quest of securing $6 million for building a volleyball facility. Moreover, the filings suggest that Brett had texted Gov. Bryant asking for as additional $1.8 million for the facility.

“We obviously need your help big time and time is working against us,” Favre allegedly told Bryant. “And we feel that your name is the perfect choice for this facility and we are not taking No for an answer! You are a Southern Miss Alumni, and folks need to know you are also a supporter of the University.”

As per the filing, Bryant had responded with, “we are going to get there. This was a great meeting. But we have to follow the law. I am too old for Federal Prison.”

This is a major development in the case and it won’t be a surprise if we see the uproar against Bryant get more and more intense in the coming days.

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