What Happened to Zach Wilson: Will He Play For the Jets Ever Again?

Shubham Bhargav
|Published March 10, 2023

Zach Wilson rose through the ranks after delivering memorable performances in his college days for BYU. Awarded Polynesian Footballer of The Year in 2020, Wilson had quit a reputation when he registered for the draft in 2021.

As a result, Wilson was roped in by the New York Jets as the second overall pick. Moreover, looking at his college credentials, he was offered a hefty 4-year $35.15 rookie deal by the team from New York. However, despite all the hype around him, the Jets QB had an ordinary rookie season. Moreover, adding insult to injury, Wilson ended up having an even worse 2022.

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Zach Wilson might have to look for a new team if the Jets get Aaron Rodgers

Along with poor on field performances, all the off-the-field chatter regarding the Jets players not liking Wilson played a major role in shattering the young QB’s confidence. Absolutely everything about the QB position seems haywire for the Jets at this point which is why, there are rumors that the New York based franchise is going to go all out in order to trade for Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron, who is fetching a $50 million+ salary annually, is going to put a huge hole in Jets’ pocket. However, if Rodgers ends up doing what he is known for, it would all be worth it. Moreover, there have been rumors that Aaron has bought a new home in New York. This further solidifies the speculations of an Aaron-Jets union.

All this points to the fact that the Jets might move on from Zach Wilson. While it is possible that they might keep Zach as a backup for Aaron, the chances of that happening aren’t high as both, the Jets and Zach himself, looked done with one another after the 2022 season came to an end. All this suggests that we might as well not see Zach in Jets’ jersey in the future.

Zach Wilson’s rude response forced the Jets to bench him last year

The Jets actually started their 2022 campaign with a few good wins. Although Wilson’s individual numbers weren’t really that good, the Jets persisted with him to keep the winning combination intact. However, Wilson literally forced the management to bench him after giving a rude ‘No’ in response when asked during a post-game press meet if the offense let the team’s defense down.

It was the week 11 Patriots vs Jets game and quite clearly Wilson had failed to lead the offense effectively. However, instead of taking accountability for his actions, Wilson allowed his emotions to get the better of him and was hence left out in the next game. While he was given another go after a few games, all the hullaballoo and off the field chatter ensured Jets’ unceremonious exit from the competition.

Will the Jets keep their faith in Wilson, or will they go all out in order to get Aaron Rodgers, or will they target a young college QB to lead the team in 2023? Only time will tell but for now, the Aaron option seems to be the most viable one.

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