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WNBA Sensation Caitlin Clark Joins Forces With Peyton Manning For ‘Full Court Press’ Docuseries

Nidheesh Kumar

“Played on Boys’ Teams”: Peyton Manning Reveals Untold Tales of Young Caitlin Clark

Colts legend Peyton Manning is the latest to share his excitement to see Caitlin Clark’s new journey in Indiana. And Manning has a special reason, besides being an Indiana Fever fan. The former NFL star’s ‘Full Court Press’ docuseries, a tribute to women’s college basketball, features the WNBA No.1 Draft pick.

Bankrolled by Manning’s Omaha Productions, the four-part series chronicles the journey of Carolina center Kamilla Cardoso and UCLA star Kiki Rice alongside Caitlin. Thus, Manning and Caitlin shared the same red carpet for the world premiere on Monday night. And it was a special moment for sports fans.

Speaking to the reporters on the sidelines, a vocal Caitlin talked about how Peyton Manning convinced her to join the docuseries. She also shed light on why she joined as an executive producer. Additionally, Caitlin also gave her opinion on how the show came out in its final cut. She revealed, 

“He (Peyton Manning) was the man. He pitched it to me and I’m an executive producer on the show. So I watched it. I thought I added some stuff. Peyton was very involved. He was the one who had the first idea of it. They knew the hype around women’s basketball,” Clark said at Newfields.

The WNBA sensation also expressed her desire to join more projects for women athletes in the future. One of the major WNBA talents, Caitlin can take women’s basketball to new heights, believes icons like LeBron James, following her standout 2023 season. Meanwhile, the NFL fans would hope she attends a few games of the Colts team in her off-season. 

Peyton Manning Forgives Caitlin Clark For Being a Chiefs Fan

A football lover, Clark recently admitted that she is a fan of the Chiefs while appearing on the Pat McAfee Show. Clark also revealed that she is a ‘passionate fan’ of Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. And NFL legend Peyton Manning took notice of her words. A hilarious Manning quipped he would forgive Clark for being a Chiefs fan.

“She was a guest on our (Monday Night Football) show. She’s a Chiefs fan, I forgive her for that. But she said she did grow up watching me play,” Manning told the media

The premiere of the docuseries is scheduled on ESPN+ this weekend. Meanwhile, Clark is set to make her WNBA regular season debut on May 14. It remains to be seen whether Peyton Manning will join the action to cheer for the WNBA star.

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Nidheesh Kumar

Nidheesh Kumar


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