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Year After Using ‘Black Magic’ On Aaron Rodgers, Sauce Gardner Crowdsources Talent For Youtube Channel

Utsav Khanna

“Sauce” Gardner Says Aaron Rodgers Picked On Him for the Entire Knicks Game, All Because He Did Not Know Who Jessica Alba Was

Sauce Gardner has a robust YouTube channel where he puts up everything interesting from his life. It all started when he burned a cheesehead to summon Rodgers to New York. And from there, today he uploads videos trying new things or wagering over NFL Madden. The Jets cornerback has created quite a following on his YT channel. And now, in a quest to improve the quality of his content, he has asked his loyal social media followers to help him out.

Earlier today, in a post on platform X, Sauce Gardner put up a job opening. He wants to hire someone to make him an introduction video for all his content. A standard intro that encapsulates the vibe of his creative output. Here’s the X post:

Gardner is looking for someone who can creatively put together clips from his playing days as well as his luxurious lifestyle. Most YouTube channels, like TV shows and OTT series, have a theme intro and sometimes an outro as well. Recent uploads from his channel showcase that he’s taking his side gig seriously now. And actually putting up content aligned with the needs of the platform.

He started the channel a year ago, primarily looking to create buzz around Rodgers coming to New York. From there, he’s been experimenting with the platform in the time he got amidst the season. And now as the off-season is in full flow, he is looking to make the most of it.

Sauce Gardner’s Unique YouTube Journey

The channel which is named after him, has garnered 37k followers in its year-long existence. Before Aaron Rodgers’ move to New York was finalized, the cornerback posted a video titled ‘I Burned The Cheesehead, Aaron Rodgers to Jets?’ It was more of a humorous try at creating unique content and making Rodgers feel wanted so he chooses the green gang.

Although it became a viral video getting over 200k views, the rest of the year was not very successful for Gardner on the biggest video platform in the world. He was not going to stop at just the Rodgers video and had other things planned. But with the incoming season and the barrage of responsibilities that come with it, his videos obviously started taking a hit.

The next video that he uploaded was a trailer for his documentary. It did not generate interest amongst viewers and ended up with just around 8,000 views. A mighty fall from his lucrative debut. But he had a plan. After another video where he tried the world’s hottest chocolate, he surprised the world yet again.

Releasing a 57-minute documentary, Gardner achieved 282k views on his work. It was a heartfelt piece of content portraying his journey to the NFL. A journey filled with ups and downs. And one that he dedicated to all the young ones out there, who can watch and feel inspired if they’re at a low point in their lives.

Post Edited By:Sauvik Banerjee

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