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“You’re going nowhere with Aaron Rodgers” : Skip Bayless feels sorry for the Packers as he believes there is no future with the 3x MVP

Arjun Sukumaran

"You're going nowhere with Aaron Rodgers" : Skip Bayless feels sorry for the Packers as he believes there is no future with the 3x MVP

The final game of the regular season, home field advantage, a win to make it to the playoffs. It was probably one of the greatest scripts ever written. Yet somehow, it had a tragic ending for the Green Bay Packers. All because their star man, Aaron Rodgers, couldn’t deliver on that night. At least, that’s what Skip Bayless thinks.

Talking on his show ‘Undisputed’, he says, “In the end, the joke is on the Packers. I feel for Packer Nation because you’re going nowhere slowly with this guy, it’s only going to get worse. They kept trying to take the ball out of his hands, then put in Aaron Jones’ hands, or whoever’s going to run the ball.”

“And it worked for a while. They climbed back into this. But then, it’s just right on schedule, so predictable. you got a home game, for all the marbles, and you can’t trust him. and since that long ago far away Super Bowl run, Aaron Rodgers is 7-9 in the postseason, he just can’t be trusted,” he says.

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Aaron Rodgers possibly contemplating retirement after loss

The week 18 defeat to the Detroit Lions, and the loss of the playoff berth through that game, had a massive impact on both the Packers and Rodgers. The Packers were on a miraculous comeback, after almost having been knocked out of playoff contention. Rodgers was hopeful, and his hope drove the team to victory.

Not quite victory, though. What’s more, the loss seems to have instilled a sense of defeat in Rodgers. Rumors about him retiring from the NFL had already started making the rounds midway through this season. However, the rumor mills got another piece to add to the puzzle when Rodgers made a statement on the field.

After the loss to the Lions, Rodgers was approached by rival QB Jameson Williams, who wanted to swap jerseys. Unfortunately for him, Rodgers refused, saying, “I gotta hold on to this one.”

During the press conference, he explained his response, saying, “I think I might have told him I’d give him a jersey when we played in Detroit but there are some special ones I’d like to keep. It was nothing against Jameson. I want to keep this one.”

However, his clarification was not convincing enough, as the rumor mills kept churning theories based on his response on the field. Although his decision is as of yet still unclear, he has promised not to hold his team hostage, and that his decision will soon be relayed to them.

If Rodgers does decide to leave, the damage will most like be limited to a significant morale loss. The Packers have Jordan Love, their first-round pick in 2020, and he is showing promise. Rodgers’ departure may just give the Packers to work with a young QB who has seen and learned from the best of the best.

The Cheeseheads will be sad, though, to see their beloved star of 18 years leave. The future is still unknown, however, and Rodgers may yet decide to play out another year of his contract. Will Rodgers’ attempt a comeback along the line of what Tom Brady hoped to achieve? Or will a return only spell further doom for all?

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