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“It’s a F*cking Joke”: Zac Stacy, Who Was Caught on Camera Brutally Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend, Has Been Sentenced to Only 6 Months in Prison & People are Absolutely Livid

Shubham Bhargav

Zac Stacy

Zac Stacy, a running back who was roped in by the St. Louis Rams back in the 5th round of the 2013 draft, went on to become one of the most hated human beings on the planet.

Back in November 2021, a video was posted by several news outlets in which Zac was seen brutally assaulting his former girlfriend in front of his 5 month old baby. Before the authorities could act, Zac left Florida but was soon captured in Orlando just hours after the video came out.

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Zac Stacy gets 6 months in prison for assaulting his wife

All eyes were on Zac when he was captured. While most of the people were absolutely furious with him, a few were still hoping that he might show some remorse for beating his former lover in a such a savage manner. However, the man had the audacity to claim that the whole act visible in the video was staged by his former girlfriend.

Zac had gone on to state that his ex was bitter as they had decided to part ways which is why, she orchestrated everything visible in the video. Post that, Zac was sent to Orange County Jail on the charges of aggravated battery and criminal mischief. Finally, a verdict on the case has been given, but not many people are happy with the final outcome.

As reported by WESH, Zac has been sentenced to six months in prison and one year in probation. Reportedly, Battery charges against Stacy were dropped after he had pleaded guilty on two counts of criminal mischief. As expected, NFL fans are not happy with the mid punishment Stacy is set to face.

Zac Stacy’s tumultuous football career

After a fantastic stint in college football, Zac Stacy entered into the NFL in 2013. A lot of eyes were on him as he seemed like someone who had the potential to deliver under pressure. However, Stacy was unable to churn out good numbers for the Rams and was eventually traded to the New York Jets in 2015.

By then, Zac’s value had considerably dropped and while he tried hard, things didn’t go his way in the Jets’ jersey as well. Due to recurring injuries and terrible track record, Stacy announced his retirement from the NFL in 2017.

He then tried his luck in the Canadian football League and then in the Alliance of American Football. Stacy was able to achieve some success in the CFL and AAF but soon after the latter suspended all its operations, Stacy also disappeared from the football world.

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