“No intention of selling”: Kroenke Family Rules Out Selling Arsenal Amidst Widespread Protests

Gautam Kapoor
|Published April 22, 2021

The Arsenal supporter base has risen as one to lament the Kroenke family’s handling of the club

For the last couple of years, Stan Kroenke has lost all kind of trust and faith with Arsenal supporters. A figure who is despised and loathed by the club’s ardent following, the American’s handling of the club has seen him be berated and belittled.

However, even by Kroenke’s standards, Arsenal’s decision to join the Super League was a new low. It left the club’s supporters livid and seething as they hit out at Arsenal’s greed and the Kroenke family’s pure affinity towards money.

While Arsenal did manage to redeem a little by withdrawing from the Super League, the move has done little to assuage the club’s supporters. They have persistently lashed out at the Kroenke ownership with a widespread protest planned for Friday before Arsenal take on Everton.

Kroenke Undeterred By Protests

However, despite the ever growing feeling of hatred and animosity towards him, Stan Kroenke has decided to stand his ground. Unfazed by the seething anger directed their way, the Kroenke family have once again asserted that they have no plans of selling Arsenal.

Speaking recently, Stan’s son, Joshua talked about how the Kroenke family was going to keep remaining in control of the Premier League club.

Joshua said: “We have big plans to invest, we have plans, we want to be great again, but a long term model does not support long term high investment. No intention of selling.”

The comments are not going to do down well with the Arsenal supporter base. Not only will Kroenke’s rigidness further irk them but Joshua’s comments on the low impending investment in set to further leave the supporters in a tizzy.

For way too long now, Arsenal have suffered at the hands of the Kroenke family. The club’s American owner has run the club with tight and frugal strings, refusing to open his purse to overhaul the side’s dreary squad.

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