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“She’s the Best”: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Other NBA Stars Rally for Simone Biles Ahead of the Paris Olympics

Radha Iyer

“She’s the Best”: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Other NBA Stars Rally for Simone Biles Ahead of the Paris Olympics

It’s not every day that one gets to witness some of the biggest sports stars excited to watch their fellows on the field in action. Yet, for Simone Biles‘ Olympic appearance in Paris, the US Men’s Basketball team is geared up to glue their eyes on the vault.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, the NBA elites sat down to talk about their favorite gymnast and her significance at the Olympics. Being one of the most dominant athletes in America, it’s no secret that the whole country is rooting for Biles, including the court giants who can’t wait to catch her live.

LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Bam Adebayo were some of the elites who couldn’t stop raving about the gymnastics GOAT. At 27, Biles’ achievements have surpassed everyone’s expectations surrounding gymnasts, and she’s now hungry for more.


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James, who has a 9-year-old daughter, Zhuri, admitted how Biles played a huge part in inspiring his kid. Setting an example for all those who believe in greatness, he stated how she played a crucial role in the lives of black kids in particular.

“She’s the best…It’s that simple. She’s the best.”

Pacers icon Tyrese Haliburton couldn’t wait to get his hands on the ticket to the women’s gymnastics finals in Paris. He admitted that while he knew the tickets could be expensive, it wasn’t a huge hurdle for him. Meanwhile, Miami Heat star Adebayo expressed his respect on witnessing Biles’ floor routine. So much so that he only wished for one thing at the Paris Olympics:

“To be able to see that just one time and hopefully get a picture with her, it’d mean a lot because she’s done a lot for not only the faces of us but for her sport as a whole.”

Durant also chimed in, impressed at how Biles was able to pull off stunts at an age where one would consider her a senior in the game. In a sport where one peaked in their teens, he was in awe of the Texan native being one of the oldest and most decorated members of the team.

Together, these players respect Biles for her contributions to the sport and athlete culture in America and this has been backed up by what Durant said about her and her ability to perform excellently in gymnastics.

But can Simone Biles dunk?

Recently, in a fun comparison, Sports Center charted out a graphic representation of Biles’ iconic performance at the finals of the Olympic trials. Amongst other noteworthy elements of her floor routine that got her a ticket to Paris, her leap in the air is what caught public attention.

Comparing her jump from the springboard floor in the air to that of 7’4 NBA icon Victor Wembanyama’s height, the page found out that Biles’ leap measured up to 12 feet in the air. This meant that she could jump higher than the basketball player’s dunk.

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