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“For Me That Was a Big Deal”: Track Legend Usain Bolt Once Recalled the Feeling of Winning His First Olympic Gold Medal

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“For Me That Was a Big Deal”: Track Legend Usain Bolt Once Recalled the Feeling of Winning His First Olympic Gold Medal

For many athletes, the Olympic Games serve as proving grounds. The competition was always about winning gold or going home, and the medal came with a lot of respect. Jamaican track legend, Usain Bolt followed the same rules and achieved glory. Despite his many accolades, his first Olympic gold medal was an entirely different experience. He previously revealed how he felt, in an interview with World Athletics on YouTube.

When the 2008 Beijing Olympics rolled along, Bolt was motivated. He had recovered from his setback at the previous Olympics in Greece and returned to claim his vengeance. His focus was on the gold medal, and he was one of the most followed competitors on the grid that year.

Bolt was prepared for the 100-meter race, but the audience was not prepared to see the cheetah in the form of a human. He blazed through the track, leaving the entire grid behind, and as soon as he crossed the finish line, history was created.

He not only won the gold, but he also broke the 100-meter world record with a stunning 9.69-second mark. It was a moment that the icon still recollects, and he described his emotions in the interview:

“For me, it was a moment that the world knew where I was. In that moment in Beijing was when people actually was looking at you. That was my first Olympic medal. I had never won senior medal, so for me, that was a big deal, so I was excited to be a part of that and just be at the Olympics and winning and doing great, so for me, it was beautiful.”

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Following his first Olympic gold medal, the athlete went on to win several further accolades. Bolt won eight Olympic gold medals, eleven world titles, and several other honors throughout his illustrious track career, which ended in 2017.

The Jamaican track legend’s name will live on forever in the sport’s history books. He does, however, have a challenge for a certain competitor who plans to challenge his long-held 200-meter world record.

Usain Bolt has his eyes set on American track sensation Noah Lyles

In an interview with Citius Mag, Usain Bolt went on to say that Noah Lyles can break his long-standing 200-meter world record. The American athlete came close to breaking the record in 2022. However, he missed it by a few fractions of a second. Bolt praised Lyles’ performance in Eugene, although he admits that he needs to improve in a few areas.

Despite the advice, he does not give precise details. He wants Lyles to face challenges, and overcome them while aiming for the world record. Bolt is looking forward to seeing the American athlete this season because he acknowledges the promises Lyles has made for the 2024 season.

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