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Four-Time World Champion Justin Gatlin Offers Sponsorship Advice to Track Athletes: “It’s More Visible in Europe”

Rahul Goutam Hoom

After Hitting an Off-Track Milestone, Justin Gatlin Sends Out a Big Announcement to the Sports World

The sport of track and field makes it extremely difficult for rookie athletes to rise to the top solely through their outstanding athletic abilities. They also require sponsors to support them, as the organizations will provide the financial assistance and resources required to shape their professional careers. As these sponsors are difficult to obtain, Justin Gatlin has offered advice to athletes on the Ready Set Go podcast on YouTube.

During a conversation on Akani Simbine’s 100-meter world lead, the four-time world champion describes how the athlete carries his Richard Mille watch everywhere he goes. Rodney A. Green also took notice, revealing how the watch manufacturer sponsors several track and field players.

The Bahamian athlete also discusses additional companies, such as TAG Heuer and Omega, and expresses his desire for them to sponsor more track competitors worldwide. However, Gatlin points out that these are all European enterprises and then offers his main recommendation, saying:

“Track and field is a big sport through Europe. So, the fact is, if it’s more visible in Europe, then you’re going to have more sponsors who are going to have the incentive to say, ‘Yeah, I’ll put you in a watch, I’ll put you in a shirt, I’ll put you in a cover of Vogue.'”

This advice from the track icon is exclusively applicable to non-European athletes. Gatlin wants them to look for track events in Europe since there are many important sponsors abroad, and if they perform well, they may get a chance at it.

He also mentions that there are many admirers of the sport on the continent, and athletes might discover a new community there. The four-time world champion wants track athletes to broaden their skills around the world by not only competing in competitions but also bringing more attention to the sport with the support of important organizations.

The four-time world champion has always provided the community with the knowledge it requires. He has even dispelled a few misconceptions about sportsmen who prefer to send out cryptic messages before any type of event. In the same podcast, Gatlin and Green also talked about Fred Kerley, who just made a bold confession.

Justin Gatlin reveals the American athlete’s secret strategy

After posting on X about his intention to smash the 100-meter world record, Fred Kerley faced significant criticism due to his current form. Justin Gatlin, however, was intrigued by this comment because he understood how the American athlete intended to carry it out. The four-time world champion admits that this is not the first time Kerley has made such a bold declaration, as he has done so in the past through his cryptic social media posts.

The point he makes is that the Olympic sprinter collects all of the hate comments and converts them into ammunition. He utilizes them as fuel for his fire, which he needs to ignite at any significant competition. Despite all of these assertions, Gatlin is confident in Fred since he knows what he is capable of during an Olympic season.

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