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“Going to Help Him in His Training”: Justin Gatlin Unveils His Insights on Fred Kerley’s Bold World Record Statement

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Going to Help Him in His Training”: Justin Gatlin Unveils His Insights on Fred Kerley’s Bold World Record Statement

Fred Kerley took the whole world by storm with his bold claim of smashing the 100-meter world record the next time he competes in the category. This specific statement piqued the interest of many in the track community, including naysayers and critics who just blasted the sprint star for expressing his goal.

Rodney A. Green and Justin Gatlin addressed Kerley’s assertion on the Ready Set Go podcast on YouTube, each with their own point of view. The Bahamian sprinter believes it is normal to have seasonal goals, as he understands that every athlete is looking to make a mark for themselves before or during the Paris Olympics.


However, reaching 9.58 is extremely challenging, and he emphasizes that he is not undermining Kerley’s confidence but rather bringing him back to reality based on his seasonal performance in the 100-meter division.

Gatlin also got into the discussion with a very different perspective on the Olympic sprinter, stating:

“It’s a genius plan in his mind to create a lot of doubt and people and have those keyboard warriors firing off at him, so then, that’s going to help him in his training and get stronger and get better.”

The four-time world champion explains that this is not the first time Kerley has made a big assertion. He describes how the sportsman has always been open to his supporters and the world in a cryptic manner, and he expects the hate that he usually receives from naysayers and critics.

However, Gatlin explains that this hatred is then translated into an ammunation inside Kerley’s mind, which he uses to further boost his talent and mental strength for large goals such as setting a world record. While he received many negative remarks about his stance, Kerley responded to one naysayer with a savage message.

Fred Kerley Knows His Way to Shut down the Keyboard Warriors

After announcing his seasonal goal of breaking the 100-meter world record, the track community had mixed feelings. While his loyal fans encouraged him, naysayers and critics slammed him with negative comments. One of them even stated that if Kerley succeeds, he will receive a million dollars in payment. However, the athlete offered them a strong reply in a direct manner, as he wrote:

“You got to have that million in your bank first but keep talking.”

The track sensation is aware of his abilities, and he does not need anyone to tell him what goals he can achieve. If he is committed to attaining a goal, he will succeed since he understands what he needs to do to get a ticket to the Paris Olympics.

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