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“Keep on Doing What You Doing”: Track World in Awe After Akani Simbine Secures 100M World Lead at the Atlanta City Games 2024

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Keep on Doing What You Doing”: Track World in Awe After Akani Simbine Secures 100M World Lead at the Atlanta City Games 2024

Many track and field fans are excited about the African athletes as they prepare for one of the biggest seasons ever. These individuals have demonstrated an exceptional amount of potential on international platforms, breaking a few records in preparation for the upcoming Paris Olympics. Recently, South African sprinter Akani Simbine won gold at the Atlanta City Games, including the current world lead in the 100-meter sprint, delighting the track community.

The one-time African champion faced a lot of pressure as he competed in the 100-meter sprint on American turf. He earlier won in the same category at the Suzhou Diamond League, defeating Christian Coleman and Fred Kerley in an impressive 10.01 seconds. However, he was aware that he needed to elevate his game because the track conditions varied greatly from one location to another.

By being conscious of his strategy, the athlete got off to a good start and maintained it until the finish line. Simbine was the only track star to complete the race in less than 10 seconds, at 9.90. Behind him were Kenyan sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala (10.00 seconds) and American sprinter Kendal Williams (10.05 seconds), who finished on the podium.

The sprint also raised the bar for the rest of the season, as Simbine took the world lead, and African supporters were ecstatic with his performance.

“We are so proud of you @akani_simbine ….keep on doing what you doing. We watching and rooting for you every time.”

American track star Noah Lyles achieved a milestone in the 150-meter sprint at the same event, but this user wants the world to observe Simbine’s 100-meter accomplishment.

“People talking Lyles.. The rest of the world talking Simbine.. Let’s go!! 2024 is Simbine year..”

The South African athlete competed in the Tokyo Olympics, but finished fourth, missing out on the bronze medal by a few seconds. However, this person believes that this year is different and that many things can happen at the Paris Olympics.

“Olympic medal long overdue.”

Aside from his track talent, this admirer appreciates Simbine’s personality.

“Respect for this humble person, an honour watching him live in Atlanta.”

There are only a few weeks until the Paris Olympics, and as the competitors improve at each meeting, this fan predicts a specific time for the 100-meter category.

“The 9.8s will start rolling in soon.”

Such track meets are rare, as the 100-meter event has been stationary for some time. However, witnessing Akani Simbine compete following his prior appearance in China was a very different experience for the track community.

Akani Simbine’s Suzhou Diamond League feat

Akani Simbine began his 2024 season on his home ground, competing in the South African Championships 100-meter sprint. He swiftly recorded a time of 10.01 seconds, making him the fastest on the grid. The event gave him a lot of motivation for his next track meet in China, the Suzhou Diamond League. However, the Chinese grid provided him with two formidable track opponents: Christian Coleman and Fred Kerley.

The two Americans have demonstrated their interest and prowess in prior tournaments, and they are even targeting Olympic gold this season. However, the spectators were stunned when the South African athlete raced an astounding 10.01 to defeat the USATF competitors and take first place. It was a sight to behold, as it became clear that the African champion had a lot to offer this Olympic season.

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