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“What the People Are Going to Say”: Letsile Tebogo Reveals the Reason for Staying out of the ‘World Record Conversation’

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“What the People Are Going to Say”: Letsile Tebogo Reveals the Reason for Staying out of the ‘World Record Conversation'

Apart from the North American and European competitors who have dominated the Olympic season, African athletes like Letsile Tebogo have shown great promise. He began the year strong by securing world leads and the long-standing world record in the 300-meter category. Naturally, such incredible performances lead to immense pressure from fans and critics, although Tebogo refuses to let just expectations get to him.

In the post-race interview following the USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix, the Botswanan athlete faced the same question he had previously been asked in the World Relays after punching his nation’s ticket to the Paris Olympics.

The hot topic was the track community’s long-running ‘world record conversations’. Many athletes, including Noah Lyles, have expressed an interest in breaking long-standing world records, and while fans assumed that Tebogo had the same aim, the Botswanan immediately denied it. Instead, the athlete claimed he did not want to feel pressured before his first Olympic campaign.

Tebogo is only 20 years old and has his whole career ahead of him. Hence, even though a lot at such a young age, the Botswanan did not want to make any false promises, as he stated,

“Nothing hasn’t changed; still take me out of it because it brings so much pressure to me personally…If you don’t do like you said, it’s going to be what the people are going to say back then, so for me, that’s why I don’t want to be a part of it.”

The Botswanan’s aspirations are different, and he does not want to ride the train that is taking other sportsmen to their own goals. He already has a lot on his plate to deal with, and adding more pressure isn’t going to help.

Tebogo began his 2024 season with several dazzling medals, but only in the 200, 300, and 400-meter events. Nevertheless, he finally ran the 100-meter opener at the USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix, and his performance left every fan stunned.

Letsile Tebogo and Kyree King deliver a photo finish at the USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix

The grid for the USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix was packed with popular athletes. While the track world was eagerly looking out for home favorites like Kyree King, Elijah Hall, and Brandon Carnes, they were also interested in seeing how Letsile Tebogo would perform in his first 100-meter race of the season.

The Botswanan has shown promise in the 200, 300, and 400-meter races, although all of them are very different from a 100-meter sprint. He was also about to compete on American soil, and the track conditions were far from what he had experienced previously.

Still, King and Tebogo left the grid astonished with a thrilling start, and as the race progressed, the audience went completely insane. The American crossed the finish line in 10.11 seconds, while the 20-year-old took 10.13. The two athletes were separated by 0.02 seconds, and the crowd witnessed an incredible photo finish that demonstrated how close the competition would be at the Paris Olympics.

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