Pep Guardiola Wishes Mumbai City’s Amey Ranawade A Speedy Recovery Ensuing Concussion Scare

Gautam Kapoor
|Published 15/03/2021

The rightback shared the City manager’s message on Twitter

Part of the City Football Group, Mumbai City finally ended up getting their hands around the Indian Super League trophy this term. Finishing top of the league stages of the league, the club justified the trust earmarked in it by winning the showpiece summit clash 2-1.

The side’s inaugural win was a befitting one with the club dominating the league ever since day one. The triumph was also another feather in the City Football Group’s kitty, a sprawling organisation with 13 football clubs under its wings.

It was only rightful of Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola to revel in Mumbai City’s consummate success. However, one particular bit stood out from his congratulate message to the ISL side.

Pep Reaches Out To Amey

Pep sent a personal message to Mumbai’s defender, Amey Ranawade ensuing the club’s 2-1 win in the final. The rightback who was stretched off the pitch after being involved in a bone chilling clash of the heads shared the Spaniard’s message.

Amey who sustained a concussion ensuing the coming together took to Twitter to divulge Pep’s message of support to him.

“Amey, I am Pep. First of all congratulations for the league, well deserved. I heard you had a concussion and you are in the hospital. Hopefully you can recover as soon as possible and you can get back home to your family, friends and the team to celebrate this victory. Stay safe, stay well and wish you all the best,” Guardiola said in a video shared by Amey on Twitter.

Amey thanked Pep and Mumbai for their solidarity.

Sharing the video, Amey said, “Feels incredible to get a message from the legendary Pep Guardiola! Thank you Pep and everyone at the @ManCity group and @MumbaiCityFC for this. #AmchiCity #CityGroup.

“I usually start my day by saying thanks to God for letting me live one more day, today I say it one more time, I can’t thank him enough for letting me live one more day. Thanks for all your prayers and messages. I’m doing fine and hope to get better soon.

“Also, congratulations to my team and my teammates for clinching the title! I’m touched by the sweet gesture of them holding my jersey during the celebration. Special mention to medical staff and the doctors for helping me on the field and in the hospital. God above all,” he wrote on Twitter.

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