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Power Slap 7: Anthony ‘Babyface’ Blackburn Beats Welterweight #1 Christapher Thomas

Radha Iyer

Power Slap 7: Anthony ‘Babyface’ Blackburn Beats Welterweight #1 Christapher Thomas

Beating the world’s number one contender has to carry some bragging rights because Power Slap 7 candidate Anthony ‘Babyface’ Blackburn just earned them. The 33-year-old ranks sixth overall in the welterweight division and was pitted against ‘KO’ Christapher Thomas in his recent match. Not only did he win with flying colors, but he also managed to knock out Thomas completely on his second hit.

The first round had already begun strong, with some powerful strikes on both sides. Blackburn had won the toss and delivered a promising hit to Thomas on his first go. Things began to look iffy when Thomas got called out for a stepping foul in the second round, eventually putting him at a disadvantage.

Blackburn was quick to wrap up the match on his second hit with a strong strike that knocked Thomas out completely. Amidst wide-eyed gasps from the audience, who could barely process the quick turn of events, he was declared the official winner. However, the champion admitted that he did not expect a relatively easy win under any circumstances.

“I didn’t think it would be a finish like that. It shows, if you put in the effort, good things will happen.”

But surprises were in tow for the champion when he managed to take down his opponent with a clean strike. As he knocked out Thomas, fans caught him screaming and jumping in delight, truly not having expected to witness the turn of events so soon.

And now, Blackburn has promised the same fate for another athlete. Previously, at the Power Slap 6 event, Thomas faced a similar fate at the hands of Emanuel Muniz, who went on to win the belt against him. Blackburn now wanted to challenge the Power Slap 6 winner for a power-packed match.

“Manny…get ready, baby.”

Welterweight champion Emanuel Muniz’s epic knockout at the Power Slap 6 was a sight to see

Blackburn’s new challenge has stirred the pot as he voiced his desire to fight the current welterweight champion. Last season, Thomas and Muniz witnessed some sour banter amongst each other, leading to one of the biggest slap battles that fans had been looking forward to. With the latter’s win, the power dynamics between athletes have taken a turn.

Now that ‘KO’ Chris got knocked out again, one may wonder whether fans will get to witness a new welterweight icon. Alternatively, Thomas could also stun the audience with an epic comeback to defend his position.

Post Edited By:Simar Singh Wadhwa

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