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Power Slap 7: Eviahn Scott Wins Against Dayne Viernes After Latter’s Disqualification

Radha Iyer

Power Slap 7: Eviahn Scott Wins Against Dayne Viernes After Latter’s Disqualification

The Power Slap 7 has been a rollercoaster ride, with some unexpected wins from the contenders, particularly between some super heavyweight athletes. The category champions, Eviahn Scott and Dayne Viernes went head-to-head this season, only for the latter to lose on account of disqualification.

Scott won the toss and struck his opponent first, but the hit did nothing significant and earned him a stepping foul. Viernes was all hyped for his turn, but he also immediately got called out for a stepping foul.

With both opponents committing the same error while standing strong against the hits, the audience grew anticipatory of what could follow. The second round, however, brought down the twist to the tale.

Viernes’ second strike almost immediately took down the 6’5 athlete, but not before he made a huge mistake during the potentially winning hit. He earned his second stepping foul of the match after Scott recovered from the hit.

With a second foul in the second round, judges disqualified Viernes despite coming close to winning the match. As Scott lay on the ground, visibly shaken from the strike by his opponent, luck seemed to be on his side this season.

Scott was declared the winner of the match, while ‘Da Hawaiian Hitman’ Viernes looked visibly frustrated about the outcome. Meanwhile, fans hope to see more of Scott in the upcoming seasons now that the match gave him a chance to shine.

Power Slap 7 witnessed another unexpected winner in the welterweight division

In one of the eight popular matches that took place this season, the showdown between Anthony ‘Babyface’ Blackburn and Christapher Thomas had fans holding on to the edge of their seats. In a dramatic win, the former successfully knocked out the latter with a clean strike.

Blackburn’s mission wasn’t complete there yet, which he later revealed in an after-match interview. He wished to take down the icon who defeated Thomas during his last match, Emanuel Muniz. Calling him out in front of the camera, he warned Muniz that he was all prepared for their showdown. Whether the two will see them pitted against each other in the future is a mystery.

Post Edited By:Simar Singh Wadhwa

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