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Power Slap 7: Isaih Quinones Knocks Out Underdog Ryan Wallace for Debut Win

Radha Iyer

Power Slap 7: Isaih Quinones Knocks Out Underdog Ryan Wallace for Debut Win

Power Slap 7 has already taken the internet by storm, with some of the most exciting matches lined up for public entertainment. Underdog Ryan Wallace and Isaih Quinones were up against each other for the second match of the season, which the latter won by a strong knockout to the face.

Quinones initially won the toss but made his way for a foul on his first hit. The referee called him out on his first hit for clubbing, leading to a weak start.

Both he and Wallace served some strong strikes on each other and one foul each when the latter got called out for stepping in the second round. The third round was when the tables turned between the two.

The third round saw Quinones’ coach give him a pep talk as he walked him through certain techniques for a sure-shot knockout. The middleweight match soon got the perfect strike it deserved when he practiced what his coach trained him for.

Quinones made the winning strike and knocked his opponent out to win the match. After a lot of banter between each other, the crowd cheered as the duo shook hands, and Quinones was declared the match winner. This event marked his debut win at the Power Slap event, and he came with a promise of more such victories.

“I just wanna climb the ladder and climb the ranks.”

Meanwhile, WWE stars, including Damien Priest, were in attendance during the match, cheering for both Wallace and Quinones from the sidelines. The 32-year-old’s win on his third match promises a better possibility for his future matches.

Power Slap 7’s first match witnesses light heavyweight champion’s knockout win

The first match at the UFC Apex Arena for the Power Slap 7 event saw Russell Rivero lock horns with Cody Belisle to win the match. The champion had already won the rights to the first strike and eventually got the opportunity for a double hit due to Belisle’s foul.

Eventually, a direct legal blow up the chin was all it took for Rivero to knock out his opponent and win the Light Heavyweight category. He had returned to the ring after six months out of competition, and a terrific win was all he needed for an epic comeback.

Post Edited By:Simar Singh Wadhwa

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