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Rafael Nadal reveals the reason why he chose Tennis over Football

Siddharth Nair

Rafael  Nadal is preparing in Miami in order to win one of the last few trophies that has alluded him all his career. (Rafael reveals the reason why he chose Tennis over Football) He has also spoken about how he wants to end the drought and finally win at Miami where he lost in four finals.

“I come here with good feelings”, said Nadal. “I fight and work every day to have chances in all the tournaments I play. Winning Miami is not an obsession. I would love to add Miami to my CV. The opportunities are not eternal, although I hope to have more in the future. I had four chances and in two of them I was very close.”

“Normally, when you have those chances you have to take them. I feel good. I have started the year well. In every match I felt I performed well. Now I have another chance to do it and hopefully I will be ready.” (Rafael reveals the reason why he chose Tennis over Football)

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He also spoke about how his uncle Toni will not be travelling with him. Nadal glowingly spoke about Toni and mentioned how Toni was the reason why he chose to play Tennis over football.

“Obviously I am 30 and not 14, it’s normal that I take my own decisions about many things. But I always listen Toni’s opinion or my family. When he says that he is not taking decisions anymore, it’s not in a bad way. Without Toni I wouldn’t have played tennis but football. ” (Rafael reveals the reason why he chose Tennis over Football)

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“He has had a strong impact on my game, personality and education. If he asks me to come with me at the Roland Garros next year, I will be happy to be with him. Will he ever be with another player on the Tour? I don’t know. You will have to see how it goes with the younger players of the academy. But it will be impossible for him to travel as much as he did with me. He has two sons who play tennis, and they do it very well.”

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