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Real Madrid News: Watch Gareth Bale get trolled by Mariano with golf taunt

Archie Blade

Real Madrid News Watch Gareth Bale get trolled by Mariano with golf taunt

Real Madrid News: Watch Gareth Bale get trolled by Mariano with golf taunt after missing a pass during a training session with Loss Blancos.

Gareth Bale stirred a hornet’s nest by holding a flag which read ‘Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order.’ Fans and Spanish media have since criticised the Welshman for disrespecting the club he plays for. It is however, thought that his Real Madrid teammates found his actions rather amusing than being offended.

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This does not however, mean that there will be no leg pulling during practice sessions as was evident during Real Madrid’s training ahead of their match against Real Sociedad. Teammate Mariano Diaz found the perfect opportunity to troll Gareth Bale when he misplaced a pass.

The striker then made a motion of swinging a golf club as if to say that he should have hit the ball like he does while playing golf. Bale laughs it off and pushes the striker away.

You can watch the video here:

Gareth Bale’s agent defends the winger

Speaking to ESPN, Gareth Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett said the flag and the celebration were “meant for the media” rather than the fans or the club itself. He has insisted that the player meant no offence to Real Madrid fans.

Gareth Bale’s commitment to the club has regularly been questioned; more so now, after it was reported that the winger was disappointed after finding out that his move to China had collapsed at the last minute. It was former Madrid striker, Predrag Mijatovic , who became the catalyst for the ensuing controversy when he said the following about Bale:

“The first thing he thinks about is Wales, then golf and after that, Real Madrid. I haven’t spoken to him but that’s how he comes across.”

The flag waved during Wales celebration of their Euro 2020 qualification was a response to the following.

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