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Real Madrid’s bizzare gym session is probably reason behind injuries at the club

Tanish Chachra

Real Madrid's bizzare gym session is probably reason behind injuries at the club

Real Madrid’s bizzare gym session video surfaced online signals the reason why the players at the club are constantly getting injured.

Real Madrid is marred with injuries ever since the season started, with Ferland Mendy being the latest victim of the curse at the club. The French defender now joins Luka Jovic and Marco Asensio in the list.

Recently, Real Madrid manager blamed the constant rise in the fixtures to be the reason behind for on-going crisis at the Spanish club.

“We have seven games in 21 days following an international break and now there will be another,” Zidane said in his press conference earlier this week. said Zinedine Zidane

“The players are not machines and some of them never stop. A modern-day footballer, and even more so at Madrid, has to play every three days. You have no time to rest.”

From Eden Hazard, Luka Modric,  James Rodriguez, Marcelo and Thibaut Courtois, the club’s medical staff have been busy since the start of pre-season.

But with a recent video emerging online showing a gym session at the club poses a question, are over-burdening fixtures the real reason behind the rise in injuries?

In the video surfaced online, the likes of Karim Benzema and Luka Modric can be seen performing a bizarre leg press routine, and many have questioned the technique used.

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Watch the video

Many took on twitter to question the absurd gym-session at the club. Honestly, an person who would be hitting a gym regularly would agree that the exercise routine seemed to be harmful for the knees, and could be a reason for the constant injuries.

Thus, the club needs to investigate the routine it is following, and should seek an external advice to make a check on it or else it could effect the fitness of the players at a long run.

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