Roman Reigns and Undertaker: The Big Dog and The Phenom get a cool nickname for their team

Archie Blade
|Published July 12, 2019

Roman Reigns and Undertaker: The Big Dog and The Phenom get a cool nickname for their team ahead of their tag match with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules

When the WWE announced that Roman Reigns was supposed to take on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre in a handicap match, many had anticipated that someone would run in for the save. The safe bet for most would have been The Miz considering how Shane has been a thorn in his side since Fastlane. However, WWE threw in a surprise that no one was really expecting.

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On the Raw after Stomping Grounds, McMahon and McIntyre ganged up on Roman Reigns. While the big dog tried his best to fightback, the numbers game was too much for him to overcome. However, one superstar made a surprise appearance to help even the odds.

Foes turned friends

Roman Reigns’ Wrestlemania 33 opponent, the Undertaker emerged out of nowhere and laid waste to both Shane and Drew. The four were then booked to duke it out in a ‘no holds barred’ tag team match.

While surely a one-time alliance, the WWE has already cashed in on the pairing. The team of Roman Reigns and The Undertaker has been dubbed “The Graveyard Dogs”. Unsurprisingly, the promotion already has merchandise available on their website.

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Merchandise and money will always be a part of the business and that’s perfectly alright but at least we got a cool nickname out of this. Even if it only lasts till this coming Sunday.

Extreme Rules will take place on July 14, 2019, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It will stream live on the WWE network.

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