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SEN SicK is the Sixth Member of Sentinels

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

SEN SicK is the Sixth Member of Sentinels

SEN SicK is the sixth and final member of the Sentinels, joining as a reserve player. The roster has TenZ, Sacy, dephh, zekken and Pancada.

Recently, Sentinels acquired Brazilian prodigies Sacy and Pancada. Along with that, they also got Xset coaches and two of the best players in NA. Dephh and Zekken joined the team as IGL and Duelist, respectively. This roster change ensures that Sentinels is now a ‘Super team’ as the organization intended.

However, the peculiar thing is that most Sentinels did not retain their previous roster. They removed everyone except for SicK and TenZ. Let us discuss why they made this move.

Sen SicK as a Sixth: Why did Sentinels retain him?

Sentinels paid tribute to their sixth member by doing a play on words. But there is a huge reason for retaining SicK instead of dapr or ShahZaM. Firstly, the ShahZaM controversy put bad PR in Sentinel’s corner, and the rumor of signing dephh made it worse.

We have covered the ShahZaM controversy; you can find the link to that article below.

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Now, the reason for retaining SicK is because of his consistency. He was one of the best Raze players in VCT and made smart plays. He had a higher clutch percentage comparable to 100t Derrek. ShahZaM was always the one who was getting dropped due to inconsistent IGL performances.

TenZ is the unofficial mascot of the team, in a way. The Sentinels Valorant roster is synonymous with his name, plus he also performs better under pressure. However, the last season wasn’t good for him; he promised the fans that he would be better.

SicK’s role in the team varies depending on what the team needs him for. He is an excellent flex player and has made countless waves in Valorant. In any case, SicK deserves to be a part of such a star-studded team due to his mechanical prowess and set-play ability.

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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