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Why is Sentinels ShahZaM dropped from their Valorant Roster

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Sentinels ShahZaM dropped from the Roster

Sentinels ShahZam drops out from their current VCT 2023 roster, causing controversy and stirring up a storm. More details are below.    

Former Sentinels Valorant IGL ShahZam recently dropped out of the Sentinels roster. Sentinels replaced him with dephh and zekken, who both are from Xset.

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Sentinels Shahzam: What Happened?

ShahZam dropping out is not the controversy here. The former IGL claims that he did not even know about the transfer.

He found the news when streaming along with his viewers by reading a post. ShahZaM visibly looked disappointed at the decision.

However, the drama does not end here; the IGL claims that he was unaware of the decision and wasn’t told to search for newer opportunities in the NA pro-Valorant scene.

At the height of this controversy, Sentinels CEO Rob Moore claims that “Sentinels extended no offer to ShahZaM as he was free to pursue other opportunities.”

We are attaching the exact Tweet for your reference.

In addition, the video below the tweet shows ShahZaM’s reaction to dropping out and claiming that he was misinformed about the decision.

What do the fans think?

The fans divide their opinions on this drama as some side with Sentinels, and some are loyal followers of ShahZam from the CS: GO days.

Although, some people claim that ShahZaM always “plays the victim card.” Some say he wasn’t “good enough to be the IGL due to not having good strats.”

Due to so many theories up in the air, no one knows the truth. However, this means for zekken and dephh that this drama overshadows their entry to this prestigious team.

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Even two new coaches are added to the Sentinels roster, so they are VCT-ready by the time 2023 rolls around.  Xset and Dephh were the driving force behind Xset’s success.

Sentinels hope they can bring the same magic to their team.

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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