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SEN Tarik Calls Out Brazilian VCT LOCK IN Crowd for Being Biased towards South American Teams; Check out Video Below!

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

SEN Tarik Calls Out Brazilian VCT LOCK IN Crowd for Being Biased towards South American Teams; Check out Video Below!

Tarik called out the VCT LOCK IN crowd recently on his stream during the finals. He criticized them for being biased toward the home teams.

VCT LOCK IN has ended and the winners are crowned. Fnatic took the main stage; won the first two maps of the Best of 5; lost the next two and made an unbelievable comeback in the last map. They were down 3-11 against LOUD. The crowd looked ready for LOUD to win their second championship but in an incredible comeback, Fnatic defeated LOUD by going into Overtime. Thus, Fnatic won the map 14-12 and the series 3-2. However, the Brazilian crowd was not happy.

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This is Pretty Sad

Let’s be honest, Brazilians were loud (no pun intended) in support of their home teams. However, when it came to respecting the other teams, they weren’t. During the trophy-lifting ceremony, we saw the crowd walk out on Fnatic. The crowd was in tatters and shocked that LOUD did not win the trophy. However, Tarik who was live on his stream, spoke to the Brazilian fans, urging them to stop the disrespectful behavior.

In addition, we could also hear the crowd booing when Fnatic timeouts were called. Tarik called the crowd out and asked them to kindly spread the word about not being this way. “My message to Brazilians is to please advocate for fellow Brazilians to start showing love for these other teams, otherwise, Riot’s not gonna wanna come back, and being here is important.” 

Being biased toward a home team is different. But being disrespectful towards the opponent is not ideal behavior from the host crowd. Some Brazilians came out in support of Tarik’s statement in the comment section, criticizing the crowd. You can watch the video above. The final interview saw Boaster getting emotional about his first victory with Fnatic ever since the beginning of Valorant.

What are your thoughts on this crowd? Follow Tarik on his Twitch for good content and for more Valorant-related news, stay tuned at The SportsRush!

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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