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“I think you are on something right now” – Keemstar promises to donate $100,000 to a charity if Logan Paul can prove that he is not on steroids

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Keemstar is confidant that Logan Paul is using steroids

Daniel “Keemstar” Keem is one of the most popular internet stars well known for his podcasts and his internet culture show “DramaAlert”. Keem, in one of his recent uploads on his personal Twitter handle, called out Logan Paul for using steroids. Keemstar also promised to donate a bunch of money if Logan Paul could prove that to be wrong. 

Keemstar primarily uploads daily updates on various internet personalities on the DramaAlert X (Twitter) page and on the YouTube channel of the same name. Logan Paul is a YouTube star now turned Wrestler and Boxer and is currently training for his exhibition boxing match with Dillon Danis. 

This boxing match has got Logan wrapped in a bunch of feuds, especially with Dillon Danis and JiDion. Let’s dive in to see what Keem has to say about Logan Paul. 

Keemstar calls out Logan Paul for using steroids

The boxing match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis is to be held on October 14th. Logan Paul recently appeared on the Flagrant Podcast a couple of days back. He shared his thoughts about Dillon, his boxing match, and the Nina controversy. When asked in the podcast about using steroids, Logan immediately denied the accusation. He said that he is completely clean and has never used steroids. 

Keemstar, on his personal Twitter page, responded to Logan Paul’s statement of not using steroids. He talked about the Flagrant podcast and Logan being asked about using steroids. But Keen admits confidently on the video that Logan is literally on something right at this moment. 

Keenstar offers Logan a challenge stating that Logan will have to get tested for steroids, and adds that if he comes out clean within the next 48 hours, he will donate $100,000 to a charity of Logan’s choice. Keenstar later says that he is very confident of the statement he has made and asks Logan which option will he choose, a charity donation or not getting tested.

Logan Paul is yet to make a decision and respond to Keemstar. But Keem’s fans have come up with quite a few responses. Most people are sure that Logan will not be taking a test because he is for sure using some kind of juice. Here is what they had to say. 

Logan Paul is strangled from all sides

It is not only Keemstar who has called out Logan Paul leading up to a controversial situation. Dillon Danis started trolling Logan Paul immediately after the official announcement of the boxing match was made. Dillon is now on an ongoing mission to completely mess up Logan’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, by sharing a bunch of explicit and controversial pictures of her on X (Twitter). 

Logan was later confronted by JiDion during a press meet where Logan was called a fake person. Logan Paul proceeded to call Dillon Danis an evil person and JiDion a two-faced b*tch. 

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