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“It’s just making me look bad” – JiDion opens up about his feud with Pokimane and Jake Paul in a podcast

Nilotpal Chakraborty

JiDion, Pokimane and Jake Paul controversy

Jidon “JiDion” Adams is a massive YouTuber and streamer well-known for his pranks and comical videos. But he is also known for his engagement in several controversial acts and statements. JiDion opens up about two of his most significant controversies in a recent podcast, i.e., his feud with Pokimane and Jake Paul. 

Previously JiDion used to stream on Twitch. He sent comments on Pokimane’s Twitch chat stating controversial phrases, thereby starting a feud between them. This also led to JiDion getting banned from the platform. In April 2023, he also indulged in a tussle with Jake Paul after Jake made fun of him, starting a beef between them. 

JiDion is asked about both situations in a recent podcast he was in. Let’s see his answers to two of his most significant controversies. 

JiDion opens up about his feud with Pokimane and Jake Paul on the FLAGRANT podcast

JiDion is first asked about his feud with Pokimane that started in January 2022. He immediately acknowledges that he was talking badly on the stream. But momentarily states that he later saw people acting weird about the situation and making it bigger than it was. He includes that he hates when people make something much bigger than it should be. 

He states that the situation was making him look bad in front of several people. Everyone thought it was one of his ideas, but it was not. He only wanted it to be funny and said he had no ill will behind that. He concludes his statement about his beef with Pokimane by saying that he thought it was funny, so he did it. 

Then he is asked about his recent beef with Jake Paul. JiDion immediately answers that he got a little emotional about that one. But he clarifies that it is not a beef anymore. JiDion states that it was just like why are talking crap and nothing against Jake. He adds that he likes anyone who does something remarkable for YouTube. 

According to JiDion, it’s not whether you like or dislike him. Jake has changed the landscape and reached new levels in YouTube, sports, fighting with stars, headlining in huge arenas, and more. JiDion explains that he will be a hater to say he disrespects Jake Paul. 

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