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“He was faster to apologize to me, than Ninja and Jessica Blevins”: Pokimane talks about the JiDion’s and Ninja controversy

Tanmaiy Reddy

"He was faster to apologize to me, than Ninja and Jessica Blevins": Pokimane talks about the JiDion's and Ninja controversy

Pokimane hilariously talks about the Ninja controversy and how he and his wife the last people to apologize even after JiDion.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is a 25-year-old famous Twitch streamer. She somehow keeps getting herself into controversies. And recently got into a fierce twitter too and fro between herself the Blevins.

It all started with JiDion hate raiding Pokimane on twitch. Raid is a feature in Twitch that allows a streamer to send his viewers to another. The main purpose of the raid feature is to spread joy and introduce viewers to all types of content. However, some also use it to spread hate and harass others.

In a similar way, JiDion hate raided Pokimane, by telling his viewers to type “L + ratio”. Which is a violation of twitch’s terms of service, so it led to him getting a temporary ban from Twitch. And after the community showed some tremendous support for Pokimane, the temporary ban was shifted to a permanent ban.


All of this happened a while ago and most of it is sorted right now however, pokimane did comment about the situation.

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Pokimane on the Ninja and JiDion controversy

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After JiDIon got a permanent ban which he thought was wrong from twitch’s point of as he said it was his first offense. And after some time he was trying to get the ban off of him by talking to famous twitch streamers. One of them was Ninja. He donated Ninja 100 subs and asked him to talk to his twitch contact. To try to get his permanent ban

And Ninja acted out as if he sent the message, maybe he did maybe he didn’t we done know. However, all of these led to the main controversy which also result in lower joining in.

But now after all this time, this seems to have been settled down. With it pokimane hilarious lets us know that ” the funniest thing about all of this is the guy who said all those about me and got banned he was faster to apologize to me than Ninja and Jessica Blevins “.

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