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“He is your Boogeyman” – JiDion gives his thoughts about Logan Paul calling Dillon Danis an evil person

Nilotpal Chakraborty

JiDion states that Dillon is an evil person only to Loga Paul

Logan Paul is a YouTube star personality turned professional wrestler and boxer in recent years. An exhibition match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, a professional MMA fighter is officially announced to be held on October 14th. Logan Paul called Dillon an evil man in a recent podcast but Jidon “JiDion” Armani Adams commented on Logan Pauk’s statement on his recent livestream. 

The official boxing match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has been announced weeks earlier. Dillon Danis immediately took up the role of an online troll and trash talker and targeted Logan’s fiancee Nina Agdal. JiDion being a friend of Logan switched sides and supported Dillon’s statements on Twitter

So Logan Paul shared his thoughts about JiDion and Dillon on the Flagrant podcast. And let’s dive in to see how JiDion reacted to the statements made. 

JiDion comments on Logan Paul calling Dillon Danis an evil person

Dillon Danis started an elevated trash talk about Logan Paul and his fiancee Nina Agdal on Twitter. Dillon proceeded to upload tons of explicit and controversial pictures of Nina on his X (Twitter) page immediately after the official boxing match announcement. He also stated that he possesses pictures of Nina that could ruin the lives of Logan, Nina, and himself. 

Logan Paul was not so happy about the situation. JiDion being a friend of Logan switched sides and supported Dillon Danis. He encouraged him to troll on even higher scales. Logan Paul being asked about the situation on the Flarant Podcast lashes out at JiDion for switching sides during a controversy. Logan was seen calling Dillon an evil person and JiDion a two-face. 

JiDion responded to Logan Paul’s statements on his recent podcast and started by telling Logan that “He is your boogeyman”. JiDion later adds that Dillon is an evil person to Logan. He states that nobody in this world was losing sleep over Dillon except for Logan Paul. JiDion also mentions that “Dillon f**cked up your world, not my world”. Then he asks Chat if they knew how much a person should get f**ked up by online posts that someone is called an evil person. 

He accepts that going after Logan’s wife was pretty low stuff but evil was not what it is called. JiDion targets Logan and says that he went down to film a dead body and that is called evil. He further adds that what Dillon is doing is called sh*t talking but going to the suicide forest and filming a dead body is pure evil. The online community was in support of JiDion but a few felt bad for Logan, and here is what they had to say. 

JiDion and Logan Paul confront each other

JiDion and Logan Paul had an immense altercation after a recent press conference. Logan Paul was seen calling JiDion a two-faced b*tch after meeting at the backstage of the press conference. JiDion proceeded to call Logan to be not a real person when needed. Logan Paul addressed this situation at the Flagrant Podcast and stated that he stayed very real with JiDion from the very beginning. 

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